Key Carer approach

What is a 'Key Carer'?

The Key Carer approach in our nurseries involve assigning a primary caregiver to a small group of children, allowing for strong relationships and personalised care. This approach prioritises continuity of care, consistency for the children and their families, and nurturing individual growth and development.

Female nursery practitioner watching over a young child drawing on coloured paper outdoors

key carer approach

How our Key Carers support your child at nursery

The role of a Key Carer in a day nursery is to provide support for a child in their care.

The Key Carer builds a strong relationship with the child, getting to know them and their family, and creating a warm and nurturing environment.

By working with a small group of children, the Key Carer can provide personalised care that is tailored to each child's individual needs and interests.

This approach provides consistency and stability for the child, as the Key Carer becomes a familiar and stable presence in their life. The Key Carer continually observes the child, keeps records of their progress, and supports their development through play-based and educational activities.

Key carer praising  a baby for use of fine motor skills holding a ball 

the key carer approach

Strengthening partnerships with our parents

A Key Carer in a nursery plays an important role in strengthening parent partnerships.

The Key Carer works in collaboration with the parents, providing updates, taking their perspectives and ideas into account, and sharing information about the child's development, including observations and records of their progress.

By establishing a warm and nurturing relationship with the child and maintaining open communication with the parents, the Key Carer builds trust with both the child and the parents. Additionally, the key carer empowers parents by providing them with information, resources, and strategies to support their child's development at home.

This approach creates a partnership between the nursery and the parents, working together to support the child's growth and development. This collaborative and supportive environment promotes the best interests of the child and their overall wellbeing.

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