Protecting the environment

The littler the footprint, the better for us all

Young girl nurturing plants outdoors with more soil and water 


Practical actions and positive attitudes

Looking after the world around us has never been more important than it is today. It’s up to us to take positive actions now so that future generations have a whole, healthy planet to grow up in.

To help make this possible, we have embedded eco-friendly practices across The Old Station Nursery Group and aim to have an ‘environmental champion’ at each nursery responsible for implementing our green policy.

But most importantly of all, we act as role models for your children, showing them how to look after the planet, teaching them about the living world and its precious resources, and fostering their love for nature.


Making the planet count every single day

  • We recycle our waste, compost our food, and grow our own where possible
  • We use materials from renewable or sustainable sources in all our arts and craft activities
  • We buy our food from local producers, with minimum food miles.
  • We encourage mums and dads to walk to nursery at least once a month
  • We inspire the children and their families to Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle
  • Many of our nurseries are working towards their Eco-Schools Green Flag Award having already achieved their Bronze and Silver Awards
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Eco friendly living

Saving energy in our nurseries and at home

Here at The Old Station Nursery Group, we understand that looking after our planet is extremely important. We aim to inspire the children to be more sustainable by understanding the importance of being more 'green'. We know that as a group, we can do more to be even more sustainable, and this will continue to be a focus of ours.

That's why this winter, we are focusing on reducing energy use in our nurseries - and we want to share our top tips with you so that you have the option to do the same at home. All tips are simple and easy, but together, can make a big impact to the environment. Not only that, improved energy efficiency can help with utility bills.

View energy saving tips
Child holding up a poster with a lightbulb on highlighting to save energy 
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