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Leaving your child at a new nursery is a big deal. We’re parents ourselves so we know how it feels. Rest assured, your child’s welfare comes first with us. We only employ properly-trained nursery workers. We are checked and registered with the correct legal bodies, and we are strict about the policies and procedures we follow, because your child and their childhood are just too precious to leave to chance.

Practitioner & Child Drawing Together

Safety first safety always

Safety at our nurseries doesn’t just happen by accident


We’re registered with Ofsted and happy to assist inspectors when they make non-scheduled or short notice visits to monitor the care we provide.


Our safeguarding policies and procedures have been developed with approved, independent specialists and are used across all of our nurseries.


Staff are trained right from induction to understand and implement our child protection and safeguarding policy and procedures. And we only staff with enhanced DBS clearance to be left alone with children.


Our lead safeguarding officers liaise with the Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) and the local authority children’s social care team, undertaking specific Training.


We have strict security steps and checks in place to keep our nurseries safe, including no unauthorised personnel and full supervision for all visitors. Some of our nurseries have CCTV for internal training purposes

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Safety is Paramount at The Old Station Nursery Group

Animated icon of a knife and fork in a circle 
Safe & Healthy Practices

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Safe & Stimulating Environments

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Safe & Suitable People

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Keeping Ourselves Safe with PC Paws

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Safe & Secure Systems

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safety first safety always

Introducing PC Paws

PC Paws is The Old Station Nursery Group’s Health and Safety mascot and is designed to encourage the children to develop skills in recognising, judging and managing risks safely, through taking part in positive play experiences and opportunities. These skills can act as a powerful form of prevention in other risky situations.

PC Paws engages in a variety of activities that not only capture children's imaginations but also impart valuable lessons in staying safe. Below are just some of the ways PC Paws ensures Safety First Safety Always.

PC Paws Plush Teddy Bear

Safety first safety always

How PC Paws promotes Safety First Safety Always

Fostering a Safety Mindset

One key aspect of PC Paws' role is to help children understand the importance of safety when taking on new challenges. Whether it's trying out a new game or attempting a challenging task, PC Paws teaches children to approach these situations with caution and awareness, laying the foundation for lifelong safety-conscious habits.

Hands-On Learning

PC Paws assists children in learning how to use equipment and tools safely. Through interactive demonstrations and playful engagement, children gain practical knowledge about handling objects safely, reducing the risk of accidents during playtime and activities.

Tidiness and Responsibility

PC Paws supports children to understand the importance of proper equipment storage and transportation. By emphasising the need for tidiness, PC Paws fosters responsibility and organisation among children, helping them to prevent potential hazards related to clutter and mishandling of items.

Learning Self-Awareness

PC Paws encourages children to judge when it's best to walk and not run, teaching them the fundamental concept of self-awareness and personal safety. This skill extends to various scenarios, including indoors and outdoors, ensuring Safety First Safety Always.

Two children sat on the 'Buddy Bench' outdoors at nursery with safety mascot 'PC Paws' places in the middle of them 

safety first safety always

Ensuring Safety and Growth at Our Nurseries

“You guys are simply the best. I have never felt so relaxed at leaving Enes in the care of others that are not family members. Enes has grown so much since first joining your amazing family and we can not put into words how much we appreciate what you have done for Enes over the couple of years she has been in nursery.”

Young girl nurturing plants outdoors with more soil and water 
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