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At the heart of the Brighter Learning Approach is the commitment to fortify the foundations of lifelong learning. Our Brighter Learning Clubs, backed by an engaging curriculum, instill curiosity, creativity, and well-being.

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brighter learning clubs

What to expect

The Brighter Learning Clubs offer a dynamic array of enriching experiences within our nurseries.

In ‘Budding Gardeners,’ children cultivate a love for nature; ‘Budding Chefs’ fosters culinary creativity; ‘Budding Movers’ keeps them active and healthy. ‘Budding Scientists’ kindles curiosity; ‘Budding Artists’ channels creativity, and ‘Budding Musicians’ unlocks the power of expression. Each club expertly combines with the Brighter Learning Approach, igniting curiosity, nurturing skills, and fostering lasting self-assurance.

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What are the benefits

Engaging in our Brighter Learning Clubs, children reap the rewards of holistic development.

These clubs ignite their natural curiosity, nurture essential life skills, and build a strong sense of confidence. Through hands-on experiences, creative expression, and active participation, kids develop a lasting love for learning, setting them on a path to a brighter, more promising future.

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They are designed to help us deliver our Quality Promises

• To develop confident communicators by engaging in quality conversations with children everyday, in language rich and communication friendly environments

• To engage children in meaningful mathematical learning. Developing knowledge, building skills and exploring concepts, through purposeful play and plenty of practice

• To champion children’s holistic health and laying the foundations for a happy, healthy and successful life

• To entice and excite children to develop a lifelong love of books and reading

• To enable early experiences in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics, nurturing our next generation of investigators, inventors and innovators”

• To help the future generation of global citizens to understand the world they live in and to believe they can make a difference

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