Jul 06, 2022

The Old Station Nursery Group Joins NDNA's 'First Five Years Count' Campaign

NDNA Poster for First five years count

The Old Station Nursery Group has joined NDNA's #firstfiveyearscount campaign to help encourage everyone to understand how education in the first five years impacts a child’s future.

Did you know a high-quality nursery can put children three months ahead?

We know that nurseries and the Early Years’ workforce have an impact that lasts a lifetime. We’re here to shout loud and proud about the incredible difference nurseries and the Early Years workforce make and give thanks to those who give so much to the futures of children.

The #firstfiveyearscount campaign has launched to celebrate the Early Years sector and all they do to make the first five years of a child’s life count.

We are striving to:

  • Increase understanding of the importance of early childhood education
  • Better the perception of the Early Years workforce as educators of young children aged 0-5 years old
  • Address the recruitment and retention crisis
  • Boost the positive feedback the workforce receives about their work
  • Support the uptake of early years places within settings

As you may already know, our very own founder and CEO of The Old Station Nursery Group, Sarah Steel has recently become the Chair of National Day Nurseries Association.

Sarah Steel, who has been a member of NDNA’s National Policy Committee since 2011, is succeeding Sarah Carr, who has been a board member and Chair of Trustees since 2001. This campaign is very important to us as a group and we hope you join us by signing up and encouraging the understanding of the first five years of a child’s life and just how important they are.

Commenting on becoming the Chair of NDNA, Sarah Steel said:

“I am delighted and incredibly proud to be taking on the position of Chair of NDNA at such a crucial time for children, families and providers in the early years sector. Sarah Carr has done an amazing job to build a great team at the organisation who have been crucial in standing up for the sector and providing the support and training opportunities that the early years needs.”

She continued with:  “Coming from the sector, I am acutely aware of the challenges everyone is facing. Whether you’re a small family run nursery or a larger group, we will be in your corner and fighting for the things you need. I’m incredibly excited to be taking on this opportunity.”

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are social media platforms which help spread the word to large audiences quickly. Simply create a post and attach a graphic with the hashtag #firstfiveyearscount. Don’t forget to tag us and NDNA!

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NDNA Poster - First five years count
NDNA Poster - First five years count
NDNA Poster - First five years count
NDNA Poster - First five years count
NDNA Poster - First five years count
NDNA Poster - First five years count

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