Sep 27, 2023

The Old Station Nursery Henley Undergoes Major Refurbishment

Headshot of Kevin Moore - Nursery Manager at Henley.jpg

The Old Station Nursery in Henley Reimagines Early Learning with Inspiring Refurbishment and Welcomes New Manager, Kevin Moore.

Nestled in the heart of Henley-on-Thames, The Old Station Nursery Henley, your trusted provider for quality childcare for 0-5 year olds, is pleased to announce the successful completion of a comprehensive refurbishment project. Alongside this milestone, the nursery warmly welcomes Kevin as its new Nursery Manager, who is dedicated to upholding the nursery’s tradition of providing exceptional care and Early Years education.

As part of the extensive refurbishment initiative, The Old Station Nursery has upgraded all its rooms, creating modern, inviting, and stimulating learning environments for children. These revitalised spaces are tailored to inspire creativity and support the early stages of childhood development.

A notable addition to the nursery’s facilities is the brand-new baby room, thoughtfully designed to cater specifically to the youngest children under the nursery’s care. This addition aligns seamlessly with The Old Station Nursery’s core mission of offering personalised support that allows each child’s unique needs and developmental stages to flourish.

“In the midst of these exciting refurbishment efforts, I am truly honoured to join The Old Station Nursery team,” said Kevin, the recently appointed Nursery Manager. “This transformation represents our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional care and education for children in Henley. Our primary focus is providing a nurturing environment where children can thrive. I am dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of care while leading the nursery into this exciting new chapter.”

In the near future, the nursery has ambitious plans to refurbish its garden and forest school area. These forthcoming updates are intended to establish safe, sustainable, and captivating outdoor spaces, fostering children’s exploration of nature and the development of essential skills.

To experience the magic of The Old Station Nursery first hand, we encourage families to book a nursery tour. It’s an opportunity to meet our dedicated team, who will gladly answer any questions about our approach to childcare and education, funding options, and our unique curriculum, including the recent launch of The Brighter Learning Approach. There’s no better way to understand the nurturing environment we provide than to see it in action. Click here to view all upcoming Open Day events.

For further information about The Old Station Nursery Henley, call 01491 577 716, email or visit

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