Aug 18, 2014

Louise Completes her Forest School training

Forest School child playing at nursery

Congratulations to Louise King from our Henley nursery, who completed her level 3 Forest School training recently. 

Although she will not be fully qualified until her portfolio has been verified, she is now able to light fires with the children and so made her first one a few weeks ago.  I am pleased to report there were no sirens (and therefore sadly no hunky firemen) and a good time was had by all!  Once Louise had completed her first fire activity there was no stopping her and the children (and staff) enjoyed toasting crumpets last week.  Louise writes about her assessment week:

“The week started with us learning more of the ForestSchool ethos and discussing how the last 6 months had gone.  We reflected on the pros and cons and how we learnt from our experiences.We headed into the forest, where we practised the skills we were going to be assessed on.  I made a peg and spatula.  On the assessment days we were put into groups and assessed on the following:

  • cooking over the fire – we made risotto
  • putting up a tarpaulin
  • making a fire
  • using a kelly kettle
  • making a piece of furniture – a bench
  • making a peg and spatula
  • demonstrating different knots
  • running a session for the rest of the group

On the last day I had a meeting with my assessor where we discussed my portfolio and how my assessment days went.  He was very happy and signed me off on the practical side of the Forest School qualification.  I have given my assessor my portfolio to be marked and then internally verified, but in the meantime I have been given permission to have fires with the children.

I am looking forward to getting my certificate at the end of the qualification, in 3 months time.”

Louise King

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