Apr 17, 2023

Funding Loop | The Quickest Way to Claim Early Years Funding

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The Old Station Nursery Group has identified how much time is spent by nursery staff and parents in filling out declaration forms. Therefore, we have decided to invest in Funding Loop so that parents and staff can provide the information required in just a few clicks, saving time for everyone.

What is Funding Loop?

In order to claim Early Years Funding for your child, you must complete a “Parental Declaration” form, providing information about you and your child. These forms must be completed multiple times throughout the child’s attendance at the nursery, and most of the information that goes on the forms has already been provided to the nursery; therefore, making completing and returning these paper forms a time-consuming process for everyone involved.

Funding Loop allows you to complete and return these Parental Declaration forms online, using a computer or a mobile device at your convenience. Since a lot of the information is already known to the nursery, most of the information on the form is already filled in. All you need to do is fill in any blanks, sign (using a finger on the screen or with a mouse) and submit. If you are required to fill in another form for a future term, Funding Loop remembers any previous information entered, making it even easier the second time round.

We have used Funding Loop successfully for many years in some of our nurseries and the feedback we have received has been very positive, especially on how much time has been saved.

What are the benefits of using Funding Loop?

When it is time to complete the form, you will be emailed a secure link where you can fill in the Parental Declaration form online at your convenience. Not only is this easier with step-by-step instructions, completing the form on Funding Loop is also much faster as most of the information is already filled in. Funding Loop also has built in validation to make it far less likely the nursery will find any issues and ask you to make changes later on.

  • Intuitive for parents: Declaration forms are split into logical steps with clear instructions and validation. Parents are able to upload Birth Certificates by taking a picture on a mobile, and electronically sign with a mouse or finger.
  • Quick Review: Allows parents to seamlessly check uploaded birth certificates and proofs of addresses in real time (no page refresh necessary). All forms can be downloaded and printed should you wish.
  • Automatic Calculations: With inbuilt knowledge of term times, all calculations are done for you as per the child’s attendance schedule. Includes children attending multiple nurseries.

What isn’t Funding Loop?

Funding Loop is not affiliated with your Local Authority in any way; it is simply a tool that makes completing Parental Declaration forms easier for the nursery and the parent or carer.

Funding Loop will NOT re-check 30 hours codes every 3 months for parents who are eligible. You MUST revalidate your codes with HMRC every 3 months in order to continue to receive extended hours funding.

Is Funding Loop Secure?

The short answer is yes, very. We take security very seriously at The Old Station Nursery Group. Funding Loop is a third party service and have been independently tested by third party security experts. We believe that data stored securely in the cloud is far safer than floating round on paper in cupboards.

How to use Funding Loop

To learn how to use Funding Loop, watch this video as a simple guide to get you started.

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Next steps:

Please speak to the Nursery Manager for any information you may need regarding Funding Loop, funding entitlements or other help with childcare costs. You can call, email or complete an enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. All of our nursery contact details can be found here.

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