Mar 27, 2023

The Grange Montessori Nursery Receives 'Outstanding' Ofsted Report


The Grange Montessori Nursery in Ramsgate has received an ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted grading, following their recent inspection.

Local nursery The Grange in Ramsgate has received an ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted grading, following their recent inspection.

The nursery, which joined The Old Station Nursery Group in 2021, provides full time and part time care for children aged 0-5 years old.

The most recent Ofsted inspection mentioned that “Children access a rich, enabling environment, where their individual personalities and characters are passionately nurtured and developed. Children are cared for by highly skilled and experienced staff, who know their key children well.”

It continued with saying that “Leaders and managers have successfully shared their high education aspirations and expected levels of behaviour with the wider staff team, children and their families. This means children are benefiting from consistent messages and support in managing their feelings and behaviour.”

The nursery provides a safe and enriching setting for children to grow, learn and play. The team ensure that there are plenty of fun and stimulating learning and developmental opportunities for all the children.

Nursery Manager, Vicki Penney commented on the recent grading by saying:

“We are all incredibly proud of our Outstanding grading from Ofsted. The passionate team and I work incredibly hard to ensure that each child and their families are happy and feel settled within our setting. This in turn aids each child in reaching their important milestones and gaining the essential knowledge and skills for their next steps in learning and their future education.”                                                               

Sarah Steel, Chair of The Old Station Nursery Group, also commented:

“A massive congratulations to the team The Grange Montessori Nursery on their ‘Outstanding’ achievement. This result truly shows the dedication of the Nursery Manager and her team in ensuring that all children are provided with high-quality care”.

 Named as the 13th largest nursery group in the UK (Nursery Chains league, March 2023), The Old Station Nursery Group cares for up to 5378 children in 78 nurseries across the UK.

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