Sep 25, 2012

Our Charity of the Year | Kajiado Centre in Kenya

Group of children smiling

One of our former UK nursery managers has recently moved to Kenya whilst her husband is serving there with the RAF. She approached us to ask whether we would consider supporting a local centre for children of Masai families, who have disabilities and need extra support.

We are delighted to announce our collaboration with Kajiado. Our joint mission is not only to raise funds to support their admirable work but also to nurture a sense of global awareness among the children in our nurseries. We believe this partnership is the inception of a long and meaningful relationship that will foster cross-cultural understanding and progress.

We aim to enlighten our young learners about the vast disparities in the lives of children in different parts of the world. By doing so, we hope to cultivate empathy, compassion, and a sense of responsibility for the less fortunate.

Numerous nurseries across The Old Station Nursery Group will be taking the initiative to organize various fundraising events. For instance, The Old Station Nursery at Benson kick-started our efforts with a highly successful ‘Crazy Clothes’ day on 22nd October, marking a promising beginning to our fundraising campaign.

We’re committed to keeping you informed about our fundraising activities and the progress of our collaboration with Kajiado. Be sure to check this page and our Facebook page for updates, and join in if you can. Your participation and support are invaluable in making a positive impact.

For in-depth information about our Kajiado project, please explore our Kajiado project here. This document sheds light on the incredible work we are part of and the lives we aim to touch.

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