Dec 08, 2023

My First Friends Rubery Receives Thank You from the King in Response to Congratulatory Cards

Card from King & Queen for the children at Rubery

My First Friends Rubery proudly received regards from the King in response to congratulatory cards sent to the New King and Queen during the summer of 2023.

Back in the summer of 2023, the nursery took the opportunity to extend warm congratulations to the newly crowned King and Queen through a collection of thoughtful pictures. The team, children and families were delighted to share the joyous news of receiving a personalised Thank You card from the King, adorned with a regal picture and a touching verse.

The nursery have framed this special acknowledgment alongside a letter from Her Majesty the Queen, received in earlier years,  in recognition of cards sent to commemorate her 90th Birthday.

Claire, Nursery Manager at My First Friends Rubery said that “We are honoured to have received such a gracious response from His Majesty the King, This heart-warming exchange exemplifies the importance of fostering connections  and sharing the joyous spirit of celebration.”

Highlighting and celebrating national and international events is an important part of the values at The Old Station Nursery Group, across the offices and nurseries alike. The nurseries aim to enrich the children’s learning and development by giving them the opportunity to explore diverse topics which impact the world around them.

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