Apr 25, 2023

Harpole Day Nursery Receives 'Good' Ofsted Report

Harpole celebrates Ofsted

Harpole Day Nursery has received a ‘Good’ Ofsted grading, following their recent inspection.

Harpole Day Nursery, which joined the group in 2021, provides full time and part time care for children aged 0-5 years old.

The most recent Ofsted inspection mentioned that “Staff know all children extremely well. This helps children to feel secure, form positive relationships with staff and develop a good sense of belonging.”

It continued with saying that “Parents and grandparents speak very highly about the nursery. They specifically mention the strong bonds children have with staff. Consequently, parents are confident that children are safe and very well cared for.”

As a small nursery, the team provides a safe and enriching setting for children to grow, learn and play. They ensure that there are plenty of fun and stimulating learning and developmental opportunities for all the children.

Commenting on the recent grading, Nursery Manager Amelia Shouler said “I feel incredibly proud of my team for all their hard work and commitment to making Harpole an enjoyable place to be, for both children and adults.”

She continued with “Our children look forward to attending and that is a testament to the dedication that goes into Harpole Day Nursery.”

Sarah Steel, the CEO of The Old Station Nursery Group, also commented: “Well done to the team at Harpole Day Nursery for their Ofsted grading of ‘Good’. This is such an achievement for all involved- a huge thank you to everyone for their continued hard work”

Named as the 12th largest nursery group in the UK (Nursery Chains league, March 2022), The Old Station Nursery Group cares for up to 4744 children in 71 nurseries across the UK.

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