Jul 24, 2023

Children Spread Joy As They Visit Local Care Home

Sandhills Alvechurch - Visit to local care home

Children from Sandhills Day Nursery Alvechurch visit The Lawns Care Home once every fortnight, on a Wednesday and a Thursday, so that all children get a chance to visit and build relationships with the residents.

Some of the interests that the children and the residents take part in include crafts, colouring, building activities, baking, and singing.

The Lawns Residential Care Home is a long-established, independent, family-owned business that ensures residents are placed at the heart of everything. The residents always look forward to the children’s visits, especially the residents who are less fortunate to receive regular visits from their families. The presence of the children brings immense joy and companionship, enriching the lives of the residents in a remarkable way.

Lucy, the Deputy Manager at Sandhills Day Nursery Alvechurch, says that “Each week, the children look forward to visiting The Lawns Care Home. It is a highly valuable and enriching experience for the children and gives them the chance to interact with the residents, who have some incredible stories about their lives. These visits bring joy and companionship to the residents, many of whom do not have family of their own”.

One of the employees at Lawns Care Home also commented.

“The team at Sandhills plan the activities well and often these activities bring back memories for our residents, from the times they were younger such as story time and singing nursery rhymes.”

They continued with “The residents always join in with the activities, the time spent together is most enjoyable and rewarding for both residents and children in more ways than one”.

Sandhills Day Nursery Alvechurch provides a safe and enriching setting for children to grow, learn and play. The team ensure that there is plenty of fun, stimulating, and developmental opportunities for all the children. This experience is just one of the ways that The Old Station Nursery Group helps the local community, leaving a positive impact on the children, team, and the residents.

To find out more about our Alvechurch setting, click here.

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