Apr 21, 2022

The Importance of Singing and Dancing in an Early Years Setting: Celebrating World Dance Day

Child playing with wooden piano

World Dance Day, celebrated on April 29th, promotes participation and education in dance. At The Old Station Nursery Group, singing and dancing play integral roles in the curriculum. These activities not only bring joy to children but also offer numerous benefits for their growth and development. This article highlights the importance of singing and dancing in an early years setting and explores the positive impacts they have on children.

Engaging the Brain and Stimulating Creativity

Cognitive and Emotional Benefits

Singing and dancing engage various parts of the brain, aiding in language development, sound recognition, and pattern learning. Children explore movements and experiment with sounds, fostering creativity and imaginative thinking. These activities provide a healthy outlet for self-expression and allow children to communicate their emotions effectively.

Enhancing Language and Social Skills

Communication and Social Development

Participating in musical activities improves vocabulary, communication skills, and social interactions. Through songs and rhymes, children expand their language abilities and learn to express themselves more confidently. Singing and dancing in groups also promote teamwork, cooperation, and turn-taking, contributing to the development of essential social skills.

Physical Benefits of Singing and Dancing

Health and Motor Skill Development

Singing and dancing offer a range of physical benefits to children. These activities help keep the heart and lungs healthy, increase muscular strength, enhance coordination, agility, flexibility, and balance, and improve spatial awareness. Engaging in music-related movements contributes to the overall physical development of children in an enjoyable and active manner.

Activities within The Old Station Nursery Group’s Curriculum:

  1. Music Bugs

Multi-Sensory Music Class

Music Bugs is a multi-sensory music class designed for babies, toddlers, and pre-schoolers. Through singing, playing, dancing, and rhyming, children are encouraged to express themselves and develop communication skills. The class provides opportunities for socialization, fostering confidence and independence.

  1. Musical Minis

Encouraging Love for Music

Musical Minis offers fun and inspiring classes that stimulate children’s curiosity in sound, movement, and rhythm. Through colorful instruments, songs, and stories from around the world, Musical Minis enhances language and coordination skills. It encourages children to make new friends and express themselves creatively through music.

  1. Boogie Beat

Learning through Upbeat Music and Dancing

Boogie Beat classes combine upbeat music and dancing with structured learning. Catchy songs and lively stories promote sharing, listening, and learning. Children develop confidence, spatial awareness, gross motor skills, and coordination in a friendly and energetic environment.

  1. Cheeky Little Monkeys Music

Confidence-Building and Imaginative Expression

Cheeky Little Monkeys Music classes focus on developing confidence and imaginative expression through music, play, and activities. Interactive songs, repetitive rhythms, dance moves, and social interaction with peers promote patience, turn-taking, and social skills.

  1. First Steps Musical Theatre

Inspiring Young Performers

First Steps Musical Theatre classes introduce infants to activities such as gymnastics, ballet, and contemporary dance. These energetic sessions enhance musicality, rhythm, coordination, balance, strength, fitness, and confidence. Specifically designed exercises support infants’ physical and cognitive development.

  1. Rattle and Roll

Music Education in a Fun and Imaginative Setting

Rattle and Roll classes educate and inspire pre-schoolers through singing, circle games, dancing, instrument play, bubbles, puppets, and parachute activities. Children learn key music theory terms.

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