Apr 21, 2022

The Importance of Singing and Dancing in an Early Years Setting: Celebrating World Dance Day

singing and dancing

World Dance Day was created by the Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute, a partner of UNESCO. The day takes place on the 29th April each year, also commemorating the birth of Jean-Georges Noverre, who was the creator of modern ballet. It’s a time to encourage participation and education in dance, through a variety of events and activities.

Using Song and Dance at Nursery

To reflect this day, within The Old Station Nursery Group’s curriculum, singing and dancing are important elements to a typical day at nursery; experimenting with a variety of movements and sounds provide not only enjoyment for the children, but they also have a variety of positive benefits, when it comes to their growth and development. Some of these benefits include:

  • It engages the brain: musical activities involve many different parts of the brain: singing can help to develop language, and help to learn new sounds, words and patterns through music. With dance, children explore and experiment with movements.
  • It allows self expression: engaging in creative activities lets children release their emotions and express their feelings. Children can’t always communicate their feelings through words, so it’s useful for them to have a healthy outlet for their emotions.
  • Helps to develop language skills: improving vocabulary and communication skills
  • Helps to develop social skills
  • Helps contribute to development of creativity and imagination: when children listen to songs or rhymes, it helps them imagine the animals or character in the song, then they can perform it based on their creativity and imagination.

There are also a range of physical benefits:

  • Keeping heart and lungs healthy,
  • Increasing muscular strength
  • Better coordination, agility, flexibility,
  • Improving overall balance,
  • Improving spatial awareness

With this in mind, The Old Station Nursery Group therefore offers a variety of enrichment programmes to help encourage the children to take part in singing and dancing activities.

Activities within The Old Station Nursery Group’s Curriculum

Music Bugs:

Music Bugs is a 40 minute multi-sensory music class, filled with music, which has been created for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. The children are encouraged to sing, play, dance, bounce and rhyme to their hearts content, using percussion instruments, play puppets, bubbles and pom poms to help them express themselves in fun, original ways. As well as all the music, they’ll socialise with other children their age, making friends and developing essential communication skills that’ll grow their confidence and independence.

Musical Minis:

Musical Minis is here to help the children enjoy music and singing simply for the love of doing it – without any pressure to become musicians! These relaxed small classes last around 45 minutes and are fun, active and inspiring, designed specifically to stimulate children’s natural curiosity in sound, movement and rhythm. Using colourful instruments, songs, stories and music from around the world, Musical Minis enhances the children’s language and coordination skills, encourages them to meet new friends and take turns, and shows them how to express themselves creatively through music.

Boogie Beat:

Boogie Beat’s class is energetic, fun and friendly, and is carefully structured to seamlessly blend learning with upbeat music and dancing. The teams use catchy songs and lively stories to help children share and listen, grow and learn, developing their confidence, spatial awareness, gross motor skills and coordination skills along the way.

Cheeky Little Monkeys Music:

Filled with music, play, activities, instruments and props, Cheeky Little Monkeys Music helps develop the children’s confidence and enables them to
express themselves imaginatively. Children love the interactive songs, repetitive rhythms, dance moves and the free play at the end of the class, where they can socialise with other children their age and learn patience and taking turns.

First Steps Musical Theatre:

These classes inspire infants to enjoy activities such as gymnastics, ballet and contemporary dance. In the energetic 30-min sessions, little performers develop their musicality and rhythm, improve their coordination and balance, increase their strength and fitness, and boost their confidence. The atmosphere is fun, positive and uplifting – and the sessions have been created especially for infants, with specific exercises to support their growing bodies and minds.

Rattle and Roll:

Rattle and Roll inspires and educates your pre-schooler without them even knowing! During the imaginative, stimulating lessons, children enjoying singing, circle games, dancing, playing instruments, bubbles, puppets and parachute play. Alongside the fun, they also learn about key music theory terms (like presto, largo, forte, piano) and famous composers, as well as how to clap to the beat and how to feel a pulse.

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