Aug 22, 2022

Catherine House Day Nurseries Joins The Old Station Nursery Group

Staff celebrating buying new nursery

Catherine House, a group of four well-established nurseries in the West Midlands and London, previously owned by Matthew Poray and Rita Howe-Douglas, has joined The Old Station Nursery Group.

Led by Chair, Sarah Steel, The Old Station Nursery Group is delighted to welcome Catherine House Day Nurseries, expanding their reach and commitment to providing quality childcare.

The Old Station Nursery Group’s Expansion

Strengthening the Nursery Network

  • Welcoming Catherine House Day Nurseries: The Old Station Nursery Group, with nurseries across the UK, is excited to add Catherine House’s four nurseries to their network, further expanding their presence and enhancing their offerings.
  • Established Reputation: Catherine House Day Nurseries, with 35 years of experience, have built a strong reputation in their communities for providing high-quality childcare and supporting families in their neighbourhoods.

Enhancing Childcare Provision

Fostering a Special Community

  • Growing Capacity: With the addition of Catherine House, The Old Station Nursery Group will now care for up to 4744 children across 71 nurseries in the UK. This expansion reflects their commitment to supporting more families and offering exceptional childcare services.
  • Community and Collaboration: The Old Station Nursery Group fosters a close-knit community of nurseries, working together to innovate and provide the highest standard of care. Catherine House’s inclusion strengthens this community and opens avenues for sharing best practices.

A Message from Sarah Steel, CEO of The Old Station Nursery Group

Creating Brighter Futures Together

  • Warm Welcome: Sarah Steel expresses her delight in welcoming the children, families, and staff members of Catherine House Day Nurseries to The Old Station Nursery Group. She emphasizes the group’s commitment to providing exceptional care and forming a special community.
  • Learning and Growth: The Old Station Nursery Group looks forward to collaborating with the teams at Catherine House, learning from their expertise, reviewing best practices, and sharing their group ethos to create brighter futures together.

A Part of La Maison Bleue

Expanding Educational Excellence

  • The Old Station Nursery Group and La Maison Bleue: In 2019, The Old Station Nursery Group joined La Maison Bleue, a larger nursery group founded in 2004. La Maison Bleue has achieved significant growth and is now one of the largest nursery groups in Europe, leading the way in childcare provision.
  • European Reach: La Maison Bleue’s expansion extends across Switzerland, France, and Luxembourg, establishing it as a leading childcare provider. The partnership between The Old Station Nursery Group and La Maison Bleue contributes to the sharing of innovative educational practices.

The inclusion of Catherine House Day Nurseries in The Old Station Nursery Group strengthens their commitment to providing quality childcare and supporting families across the UK. The collaboration between these nurseries and the sharing of expertise will contribute to the continued growth and excellence of childcare provision within the group. Together, they aim to create brighter futures for all children in their care.

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