Feb 01, 2021

Bambino Day Nurseries Join The Old Station Nursery Group

Sharon Peach, Sarah Steel and Scott Roberts

The Old Station Nursery Group proudly welcomes Bambino Day Nurseries, a highly regarded group comprising three outstanding nurseries, into its family. Bambino Ltd, founded in 2005 by Sharon Peach and Scott Roberts, has been providing exceptional care for children aged 0-5 years across Northamptonshire.

With their well-established reputation and commitment to supporting families, each Bambino Day Nursery has become an integral part of its local community.

Joining The Old Station Nursery Group

The Old Station Nursery Group is thrilled to have Bambino Day Nurseries join their network. The group’s Managing Director, Sarah Steel, expresses her excitement in welcoming children, parents, and staff members into their inclusive community. The collaboration with Bambinos presents an opportunity for knowledge exchange, sharing best practices, and embracing the group’s ethos of inspiring, nurturing, and innovating to create brighter futures together.

Strength in Unity

Sharon Peach, the founder of Bambino Ltd, shares her delight in joining The Old Station Nursery Group, led by Chair Sarah Steel, and affiliated with the UK subsidiary of international operator La Maison Bleue. With nearly two decades of experience in developing Bambinos, Sharon sees this partnership as a positive step forward in providing even better care and education.

Expansion and Commitment to Excellence

Established in 2002 by Sarah Steel, The Old Station Nursery Group has steadily grown to encompass 30 nurseries across various regions in the UK, including Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Gloucestershire, London, and more. Renowned for its commitment to excellence, the group has consistently strived to provide the highest quality of childcare and support to families. The addition of Bambino Ltd expands the group’s reach to 33 nurseries, furthering their ambition to extend their support to more families in the future.

Partnership with La Maison Bleue

Since 2019, The Old Station Nursery Group has been part of La Maison Bleue, a leading childcare provider in Switzerland and the third-largest provider in France and Luxembourg. This partnership brings together a wealth of expertise and innovative educational practices, strengthening the group’s commitment to delivering outstanding childcare and educational experiences.

To conclude, The Old Station Nursery Group celebrates the integration of Bambino Day Nurseries into their family, solidifying their dedication to providing exceptional care and education. Bambino’s outstanding reputation and commitment to supporting families align seamlessly with the group’s values. As the group expands its reach to 33 nurseries across the UK, the collaboration with Bambinos signifies a shared commitment to creating brighter futures for all children in their care.

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