Aug 16, 2021

Ensuring a Smooth Transition From Nursery to School

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With so many of our pre-schoolers starting to leave nursery as they prepare to start school in September, we thought it would be helpful to share some guidance on how to make this transition as smooth as possible for you and your child.

Starting school is an exciting milestone for both children and parents, but it can also bring about concerns and anxieties. At the Old Station Nursery Group, we have been diligently preparing children for every stage of learning, including the transition to school. In this blog, we share additional ideas and suggestions to support your child’s transition at home, ensuring a smooth and positive start to their school journey.

Talking to Your Child About Starting School

Open Conversations and Emotional Support

  • Engage your child in conversations about starting school and ask about their feelings, excitement, and concerns.
  • Share your own school experiences and show them old photos if available.
  • Read books together that discuss starting school and encourage discussion about the characters’ experiences and emotions.
  • If possible, visit the school vicinity or explore the school website and prospectus to familiarize your child with the environment and available opportunities.
  • If you have an older child at the same school, encourage them to share their experiences with their younger sibling.

Fostering a Positive Outlook

Embracing Positivity and Enthusiasm

  • Remember that your child picks up on your emotions, so maintain a positive and enthusiastic attitude when discussing school.
  • Stay calm, relax, and smile to alleviate any nervousness and emphasize excitement.
  • Introduce your child to their new school uniform, let them try it on, and encourage dressing and undressing practice.
  • Take a picture of your child in their uniform and display it prominently as a visual reminder of their upcoming school journey.

Nursery Practitioner engaging in activity with two children

Building Connections and Play Dates

Connecting with Peers and Parents

  • Organize video call play dates or in-person play dates with other children from nursery who will be starting the same school.
  • Encourage friendships and provide an opportunity for parents to share their feelings and concerns.

Establishing Routines

Smooth Transitions Through Consistent Routines

  • Implement daily routines for waking up, bedtime, getting dressed, and mealtimes to help children adjust to the structure of school.
  • Consistency in routines can reduce morning rush and help children settle into their school day with ease.

A Positive Start to the School Journey

While it may not be necessary to follow every suggestion mentioned, the key is to remain calm, positive, and excited about the new chapter ahead. At The Old Station Nursery Group, we are dedicated to supporting you and your family throughout the transition process. Our focus on preparing children for school will continue until they are ready to embark on their “big school” journey, ensuring they are excited and well-prepared for this new adventure.

For further reading on school-readiness, read our blogs ‘Readiness for Every Stage of Learning’ and ‘Top 5 Tips to Help Prepare Your Child for School’.

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