Keeping your child healthy

Eating together, because it’s more than just a meal

When it’s time to eat, we all sit together with the children - just as you might do at home, as a family. For us, mealtimes are about more than nutritious food (although that is incredibly important). They are a time to swap stories, strengthen bonds, and deepen relationships - to feed your child emotionally as well as physically.

Young girl eating a sandwich at lunchtime at nursery


Balanced, healthy meals during the day and throughout the week


Cereals, toast and fresh fruit

Mid-morning Snack

Apple wedges and rice cakes


Red lentil lasagne with garlic bread


Seasonal fruit crumble and custard

Afternoon Tea

Ham and cream cheese sandwiches with tangerines


Milk and water

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Young child after eating at nursery with an open smile 

The Food

Organic and home-cooked always tastes better

Good nutrition is the building block of a healthy, happy child. Which is why we only serve nutritious meals at our nurseries. Every dish is cooked from scratch, using fresh ingredients and organic vegetables, whenever possible. Our eggs are free-range, and we buy our food from local suppliers. Our Nursery Cooks are trained using Schools Food Trust guidelines to ensure mealtimes are delicious, packed with good things and enjoyable for children to eat. 

And whenever we can, we meet with nutritionists to ensure our menus have all the right ingredients for strong bodies and alert minds. We can also cater for all dietary requirements and any particular allergies – and we’ll discuss them with you during your child’s settling in visits. 

  • Vegetarian alternatives 
  • Meals for all dietary requirements 
  • Food allergies catered for
  • Menus developed with nutritionists 

‘We work regularly with a nutritionist to help us to meet the requirements of the Early Years Nutrition Partnership - and ensure little tummies are kept full to fuel a busy day at nursery.’

Nursery child eating lunch

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