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Encouraging young children to create and retell stories is an excellent way to support their cognitive and language development. Creating stories allows children to express their thoughts, feelings and ideas, while also helping them to develop their imagination and creativity. Retelling stories helps them to improve their memory and recall skills, as well as their understanding of the story's structure and meaning.

Additionally, creating and retelling stories can also help children to develop their problem-solving skills, as they learn how to create a logical sequence of events, as well as helping them build their confidence and self-esteem, empowering them to communicate their thoughts and ideas effectively.

On this page you'll find some tips on how to encourage super story telling at home.

Nursery practitioner with two children sat beside her reading a book 

Make your own story sack for one of your child’s favourite books

• You can do this by getting a bag/pillow case and adding a few props to help re-tell the story.

• Using props when telling a child a story is a great way to enhance the storytelling experience and to help children develop a wide range of skills.

• It helps to bring the story to life and make it more interactive and engaging, as well as helping them to develop their imagination and creativity as they are able to visualize the story better.

Girl dressed as a princess reading a book

Creating stories whilst out and about

• This is a fun, interactive, and educational way for children to develop their language, storytelling and cognitive skills.

• Doing this allows children to actively engage with their environment and use their imagination, and provides an opportunity for children to develop their language and storytelling skills, as they learn to describe the things they see around them.

A little girl in holding a dandelion and buttercup flower at the nursery's Forest School

Create a 'Marvellous Me' book

• 1. Use pictures drawn by your child or photos of themselves and people/things that are special to them.

• Sit together and talk about the pictures/photos and annotate what your child tells us underneath. This is a great way for children to express themselves and to develop their language, communication and social skills.

• It provides an opportunity for parents to engage in their child’s interests and ideas.

Nursery practitioner reading a book to a young girl 
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