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Introducing young children to reading is important for their cognitive and language development. It helps them learn new words and concepts, and can improve their attention and memory. Reading signs, labels, magazines, and comics can also help children develop reading skills, such as identifying letters, understanding the meaning of words, and following a story.

Additionally, reading with children can be a bonding experience for families and can foster a love of learning in children. On this page you'll find some tips on how to encourage additional reading at home.

Girl and boy casually reading books in a cosy area 

Enjoy looking at a variety of reading resources with your child

Take a look at introducing other reading formats, such as magazines and comics.

Reading different formats, such as magazines and comics, benefits children by exposing them to different writing styles and ways of storytelling. It also helps them develop a love for reading and improve their literacy skills. Magazines and comics can be a great way to introduce children to new topics and interest, as well as being a great bonding experience when reading along with your child.

Boy dressed as a superhero holding the words 'Boom' 

Point out print in the environment when out and about

• Try to point out these signs when going for a walk, on your way to nursery, or anywhere when you are out and about.

• Pointing out signs and text when out and about with a child helps with their reading development by exposing them to a variety of written words in real-world contexts.

• This also helps to build their vocabulary, improve their comprehension skills, and make reading more engaging and meaningful for them.

Mother showing her child outdoor signs

Take a trip to the local library for a story time

Visiting a local library for story time helps to improve children's language and communication skills.

This helps develop their imagination and creativity, improve their listening and comprehension skills, and expose them to new ideas and concepts.

It fosters a love for books and reading, encouraging children to explore the library and discover new stories on their own, as well as making the library experience more engaging and interactive for children.

Boy reading in the library
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