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At The Old Station Nursery we wish for children to develop a life-long love of reading. Reading consists of two dimensions: language comprehension and word reading. Language comprehension (necessary for both reading and writing) starts from birth. Writing involves transcription (spelling and handwriting) and composition (articulating ideas and structuring them in speech, before writing).

It only develops when adults talk with children about the world around them and the books (stories and non-fiction) they read with them, and enjoy rhymes, poems and songs together. Skilled word reading, taught later, involves both the speedy working out of the pronunciation of unfamiliar printed words (decoding) and the speedy recognition of familiar printed words.

Reading in the early years has numerous benefits for children. It helps to develop children's vocabulary and language skills, improve their comprehension and critical thinking abilities, and increase their imagination and creativity.

Reading helps children to gain knowledge and understanding of the world around them and can foster a love of learning. Additionally, reading can help children to develop important social and emotional skills, such as empathy and understanding of different perspectives. Furthermore, reading together with a parent or caregiver can also be a bonding experience and is a great way to spend quality time together.

Child in a cosy reading area, with toys and a play area in the background, holding a book about fruit

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Nursery practitioner with two children sat beside her reading a book 

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