Sport, Music and Dance for Children

Engaging children's minds through music and movement

When children engage with music and movement, the big smiles on their faces are a clear indicator of how much they are enjoying themselves. Children obviously love the feeling of moving especially to music. But music, dance and sport are much more than just fun play time for children; in fact, it is very beneficial for children to participate in these activities on a regular basis.


The benefits

The benefits of music and movement

The importance of music and movement in Early Years can’t be underestimated! Read some of the benefits to children below.

Music and movement…

  1. Engages the brain
    Children learn new things, such as sounds, words and patterns through music. With movement, children are able to explore and control their how their body moves.  These activities are great for development and skills as well as stimulating connections in the growing brain.
  2. Cultivates communication skills
    Bringing together children with songs, rhymes and actions allows them to discover how to interact and connect with others.  Children develop listening and social skills that help to give them self-confidence which better prepares them for starting school.
  3. Allows children to express themselves
    Engaging in creative activities allows children to release their emotions and express their feelings.  It’s a fantastic opportunity for children who aren’t yet able put their thoughts into words.
  4. Foster physical skills 
    Music, dance and sport help children to learn skills like balance, control and coordination. Exercise is an amazing tool to help us feel happier, more energised, and more optimistic.
  5. Contribute to creativity and imagination
    Music and movement encourages children to be curious and imaginative. These creative outlets also allow children to have opportunities to learn about other cultures.

Mottershead Drive Nursery children outside

For all ages

Sport for Children

"Just keep going. Everybody gets better if they keep at it." - Ted Williams

Since the start of lockdown, Joe Wicks aka The Body Coach, has been hosting a free workout for children LIVE on his YouTube channel.

The workouts will be fun and suitable for all ages and even adults can get involved. You don’t need any equipment, just tune in to his YouTube channel at 9am each morning for a 30-minute, fun workout.

Alternatively, click below for this week’s workouts.

Monday 29th June: P.E. with Joe

Wednesday 1st July: P.E. with Joe

Saturday 4th July: P.E. with Joe

Catch up on the full playlist!

Monday 23rd March - Friday 26th June

For all ages

Dance for Children

“Dancing is like dreaming with your feet!” - Constanze

Boogie Mites

The Bouncing Boogie Mites are running daily free online live music and movement sessions for under 5’s, with different half hour sessions by different Boogie Mite musicians throughout the day. Check out timetable and join in with your little ones.

Click here: Boogie Mites


Babigloo creates non-verbal music for babies 0-12 months. Using sound, baby conversation and listening skills, they aim to build on babies’ sensory perceptions through pitch, vibration, rhythm and tone. Join in with their fabulous weekly sessions on Mondays and Thursdays at 11am or afterwards on YouTube.

Click here: Babigloo


A throwback dance party for some much-needed fun.

Watch, listen and learn the dance!

Click here: Footloose

Related ‘Footloose’ activities:

  • Collect some shoes from different family members
  • Can you put the shoes in size order from smallest to biggest?
  • Can you match pairs of shoes together?
  • Can you sort shoes by colour?
  • Challenge your children to build a shoe tower!


Sing and move along to this fun call-and-repeat song.

Watch, listen and repeat the dance!

Click here: A-Moose-Ta-Cha

Further A-Moose-Ta-Cha activities:

  • Learn more about different human body parts with these fun facts and activities. Click HERE to download.


For all ages

Music for Children

"Music education can help spark a child's imagination or ignite a lifetime of passion. When you provide a child with new worlds to explore and challenges to tackle, the possibilities are endless." - Hillary Clinton


Sing-Up have produced a fantastic resource of singalong songs, with their playlists organised into easy categories including silly songs, inspiring songs, relaxing songs and movement songs. You wont be able to stop singing in the bath, the garden or the kitchen after this!

Click here: Sing-Up

Curly Cath

Curly Cath takes your little ones on a musical, dancing, playing adventure in her Curly House, or simply select one of your favourite nursery rhymes to sing and dance along to.

Click here: Curly Cath

Peg’s parade

Lead a musical parade with Peg and friends.

Click here to play

Spin and sing

Spin the wheel and sing along with Daniel the tiger.

Click here to play

Create an instrument

Create an instrument and then play the music with Pinkalicious and her friends.

Click here to play

The music shop

Play with all the instruments at the music shop!

Click here to play

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