Outdoor Learning with Children

Outdoor learning helps children learn through experience

The benefits of outdoor learning for all ages are endless! Being outside allows children to explore freely and unlike indoor activities, there aren’t any space constraints meaning children can run around and explore without limits. This sense of freedom is fantastic for a child’s development, both physically and mentally.

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The benefits of outdoor learning

Our top 5 benefits

The importance of outdoor learning in Early Years can’t be underestimated and below are our top 5 benefits that it offers to children.

Encouraging independence

Being outside in an abundance of space gives children the sense of freedom to make discoveries by themselves. Children are able to develop their own ideas and create games and activities by themselves.

Understanding risk

Being outside provides children with more opportunities to experience risk-taking. They take part in tasks on a much bigger scale and complete them in ways they might not when indoors. Children are able to learn to make calculated decisions such as ‘should I jump off this log?’ or ‘can I climb this tree?’

Encouraging an active lifestyle

Children who learn to play outdoors are much more likely to continue to enjoy outdoor activities as they get older. Offering children opportunities for physical activity and freedom promotes a sense of well-being.

Appreciating nature and the environment

Children are given the opportunity to interact with the elements around them and this helps them to gain an understanding of the world they live in. They can experience animals in their own surroundings and learn about their habitats and lifecycles.

Developing essential skills

Outdoor learning supports children’s problem solving skills and nurtures their creativity. It also provides a chance for children to develop their imagination, inventiveness and resourcefulness.

Mottershead Drive Nursery children outside

Explore nature with these Home Activities

Below are some suggestions of activities to do with your little ones in the great outdoors. Whether you’re looking to spark their curiosity, foster their love for nature, or simply have some quality family time, these activities are sure to create lasting memories.

Natural bubble wands

Making faces

Daisy Chains

Leaf shape art

Den making


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