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Physical activity and movement are essential for children's overall development and well-being. During the early years, children's brains and bodies are developing rapidly, and regular physical activity helps to promote healthy growth and development.

Physical activity helps to improve children's gross motor skills, coordination, balance, and strength, which are important for many daily activities and future sports and physical activities. Regular physical activity can also help to improve children's mental health and emotional well-being, as well as their attention, memory, and problem-solving skills.

On this page you'll find some tips on how to encourage an active lifestyle at home.

Two pre-schoolers riding tricycles in a nursery outdoor area

Take part in a disco at home

Dancing is a great way to develop gross motor skills, improve coordination and balance, and increase physical activity.

Listening to and participating in music can have a positive effect on children's emotional well-being, helping them to relax and feel good.

Daughter and mother dancing together

Visit a local park or play area

Taking trips to local outdoor areas is a great way for children to explore and interact with the natural environment.

Being outside improves children's physical health by promoting active play, and can help to boost their mood and mental well-being.

It can also provide children with opportunities to develop their social skills as they interact with other children, and fosters their sense of curiosity and creativity as they explore new and different environments.

Little boy playing outside on a rope climbing frame 

Create an indoor or outdoor obstacle course

Physically, an obstace course helps improve gross motor skills, coordination, balance, and strength, as well as encourage active play and promote physical fitness.

Cognitively, it can help develop problem-solving, planning and critical thinking skills, allowing children to be creative and use their imagination as they navigate through the obstacles.

Emotionally, it helps boost self-esteem and self-confidence as children complete the challenges.

Little boy playing in a park
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