Jun 22, 2020

Welcome back!

Sarah STEEL with two children

Welcome Back! An Update from The Old Station Nursery Group CEO

Welcome back to all parents and children! We are delighted to reopen our nurseries and resume providing high-quality care for your little ones. Although we are still awaiting permission to open our stand-alone holiday clubs, we anticipate it will be granted soon. We have used the lockdown period to refine our safety procedures and ensure a safe environment for everyone. We are following government guidelines, operating in small groups or “bubbles,” to minimize cross-contamination. If your child has not returned to nursery yet, please contact your Nursery Manager for details on the safety measures in place.

Updates and Changes

During the past few months, our Head Office team has been active in communicating with parents, local authorities, and staff through our dedicated Area Managers. We bid farewell to Lynette Jacobs, Julie Gough, and Sandra O’Donnell from our Finance Team, and wish them the best in their future endeavours. We extend a warm welcome to Rosie Bridgman, our new Financial Controller, and Amy Moughal, our Finance Assistant. We also have new additions to our team, including Rochelle Anderson as the Nursery Manager at Uxbridge, Jo Bamforth as our Marketing Manager, Tom Swire as Integration Manager, and Claire Sephton as our Chief Operating Officer. Although Claire hasn’t had the chance to visit all the nurseries or meet the teams yet, we are excited to have her expertise and experience on board.

Acquisition and Expansion

In March, we completed the acquisition of Small Friends Day Nursery, although the news was overshadowed by the pandemic. We are thrilled to welcome the children, parents, and staff from Small Friends into our family. Keep an eye on our social media and website for updates and photos. We are committed to expanding our network and providing exceptional care across the UK.

Important Reminders

As we move forward, we want to remind parents that our nurseries can accommodate school-aged children (4 – 11 years old) during the summer holidays. Additionally, all parents have the right to keep their pre-school child in nursery until the term after their fifth birthday, ensuring a smooth transition to school. If you have concerns about your child’s readiness for a larger group or need a full-time place in September, we can work with you and the Local Authority to extend their nursery attendance until January or Easter. Your child’s place in Reception at their chosen school will still be available at a later date. For more guidance and support, please reach out to your Nursery Manager.

The Old Station Nursery Group is thrilled to welcome everyone back and resume providing exceptional care and support. We are committed to maintaining a safe and nurturing environment for your children. If you have any questions or require further assistance, our Nursery Managers and Head Office team are here to help. Thank you for your continued trust in us.

Best wishes,

Sarah Steel

CEO, The Old Station Nursery Group

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