Jan 28, 2022

Training Update from Our Quality & Training Team

Boy being awarded a Super STEAM sticker for participatig in an activity using the digi table

Welcome to our training update for The Old Station Nursery Group.

Teaming Up with the Charity “Read for Good”

We are very excited to have teamed up with the charity Read for Good , to promote a life-long love of books and reading with the children of all ages across our nurseries, and to share ideas and tips with our teams and parents about sharing books and reading with children. Read for Good’s mission is to improve the outcomes for all children in the UK such as, improving life chances, social mobility and long-term attainment for children across the country, and The Old Station Nursery is partnering with them to support this great cause.

For us, this means some fun fundraising activities and events for our nursery children to enjoy, and also plenty of amazing opportunities for some bespoke training to support our team in encouraging and enabling children to develop a love of reading and books. This term we are running an online twilight training session for our team, and also a workshop for any parents who would like to take part and learn more about what they do and also some useful ideas and tips for encouraging a love of books at home.

The team are really excited about the upcoming training, and we hope lots of you will be able to join the parent workshop too, if you can make it. If you haven’t received information with regards to the twilight session for our parents, please do contact your child’s nursery for further information

Our Anti-Racism Strategy

This term we are also continuing with our commitment to our anti-racism practice strategy across the group. With support from external professionals, the team have been working hard developing policies and guidance for our teams, and we have also created a reflective practice anti-racism audit to help the teams to self-evaluate their current practice and help us to establish training needs,  further support and resource requirements. Our aim is to ensure that our practice remains fully inclusive, and we support and celebrate every individual child and help them to reach their full potential.

We also have some company-wide, webinar training with Liz Pembleton of The Black Nursery Manager, booked for March 2022. Some of the team have already completed this training and found it really inspiring and enlightening in regards to  informing our policy and practice.

In the early years, we have the privilege of working with young children while they’re learning how the world works. This provides so many opportunities to introduce them to the lives and perspectives of all others, to help them to develop openness, empathy, and curiosity, in the hope they grow up happy and healthy, and making positive contributions to a wonderfully diverse and inclusive society.

Written by Emma Pittam, Head of Quality and Training

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