Mar 08, 2022

International Women's Day: Women in Early Years Settings

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This article explores the importance of IWD, the theme of breaking bias, and the commitment to gender equality within The Old Station Nursery Group.

International Women’s Day (IWD) is a significant occasion to celebrate women, challenge gender stereotypes, and advocate for gender equality. In the context of early years settings, it is crucial to raise awareness about women’s contributions and strive for equal opportunities.

International Women’s Day and Breaking Bias

Celebrating Women’s Achievements and Promoting Gender Equality

International Women’s Day serves as a platform to challenge bias and discrimination, aiming to create a gender equal world. The theme for this year’s IWD is to #BreakTheBias, emphasizing the need to call out and address gender bias and stereotyping. By celebrating women’s achievements and increasing their visibility, we contribute to positive change and foster a more equitable society.

Gender Equality in Early Years Education

Challenging Gender Stereotypes through the Early Years Foundation Stage

Within early years settings, such as those in The Old Station Nursery Group, gender equality is promoted through the implementation of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). The EYFS ensures that all children have equal opportunities to learn and play, encouraging a diverse range of activities to support their development. By challenging gender stereotypes and providing a breadth of learning experiences, early years educators help combat gender inequalities from a young age.

Celebrating Women’s Contributions in Early Years Settings

Recognising the Dedication of Female Team Members

The early years sector predominantly consists of female professionals, with approximately 96% of the workforce being women. Within The Old Station Nursery Group, there are incredible female team members who play a vital role in providing care and equal opportunities for children’s development. Through their expertise, engaging activities, purposeful play, and commitment to lifelong learning, these dedicated professionals ensure children have a solid foundation for their future. The achievements of these team members are celebrated to acknowledge their hard work and contributions.

Gender Equality and Inclusion in Early Years Teams

Fostering Equality and Celebrating Achievements for All

While the early years sector has a predominantly female workforce, The Old Station Nursery Group emphasizes the importance of inclusivity by recruiting both female and male team members. Regardless of gender, all members of “Our People” contribute equally to providing exceptional care for the children. Equal gender opportunities are provided, and achievements of all team members, irrespective of gender, are celebrated to ensure their hard work is recognized and valued.

Advancing Gender Equality in Early Years Settings

On International Women’s Day, early years settings within The Old Station Nursery Group stand united in promoting gender equality, breaking bias, and challenging gender stereotypes. Through the implementation of the EYFS, dedicated female team members, and a commitment to inclusivity, the group strives to provide equal opportunities and celebrate the achievements of all individuals. By doing so, they contribute to creating a nurturing and empowering environment for children and their caregivers.

We actively encourage men to be involved within childcare and are thankful for the men we have in our teams. For more information about Men in Early Years (MITEY), make sure you read our next blog, which is all about that.

Within our settings, we always aim to promote gender equality, and are always mindful about what we can do to make it better, and therefore help to contribute to #BreakingTheBias and raise awareness. In the words of IWD’s campaign: Celebrate women’s achievements. Raise awareness against bias. Take action for equality.

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