Jun 30, 2021

How To Help Your Child Settle Into Nursery

Nursery practitioner hugging a child 

How to Help Your Child Settle into Nursery - Tips from The Old Station Nursery Group

Smooth Transition: Settling Your Child into Nursery with Ease

At The Old Station Nursery Group, we understand the challenges of settling your child into nursery for the first time. As experienced nursery practitioners, we have created this blog to provide helpful suggestions and support to new families embarking on their nursery journey. Our goal is to make the start of your nursery experience as smooth as possible for both you and your child.

Comfort and Reassurance: Leaving Your Little One at Nursery

We acknowledge the emotional difficulty of leaving your little one at nursery, particularly if it’s your first child. Our dedicated nursery team works closely with you to ensure your comfort and reassurance during this transition. We understand that your children are the most precious things in the world to you, and we strive to create a nurturing environment that reflects that.

Settling In Sessions: Building Trust and Communication

To aid the transition to nursery, we offer settling in sessions. These sessions provide an opportunity for us to establish a strong bond with you as parents/carers. We genuinely care about our families and value open communication. Regular contact between us is vital in helping your child settle, facilitating their learning and development. Please feel free to call us throughout the day to check on your child’s progress – we encourage it!

Honesty and Trust: Our Commitment to Your Child’s Well-being

From the moment you step into our nursery, we prioritize honesty and transparency. We won’t simply provide empty assurances of your child having a great day if it’s not the case. We believe in earning your trust by always aiming for the best for your children during their time in our care. We welcome your suggestions, comments, and questions, fostering a non-judgmental environment where your input is valued.

Preparing for Nursery: Talking, Independence, and Socialization

In the weeks leading up to your child’s start at nursery, engage them in conversations about nursery life and show them photos of the nursery and staff. Talking positively about the transition to nursery helps them familiarize themselves with the idea. Encouraging independence, such as self-feeding, playing independently, and attempting small tasks, allows your child to feel more at ease during the day. Additionally, fostering relationships outside the home, such as visiting family or joining parenting groups, helps your child adjust to socializing with new faces.

To conclude, starting nursery is an exciting yet nerve-wracking time for both parents and children. At The Old Station Nursery Group, we are dedicated to working closely with our families to ensure a quick and smooth settling-in process for every child. By providing comfort, open communication, and support, we aim to create a positive nursery experience that nurtures your child’s growth and development.

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