Nov 30, 2016

The Perfect Christmas Gift for Your Child

Daughter and mother dancing together

With the holiday season around the corner, the pressure of finding the perfect Christmas present for your child can be overwhelming. A guest blog written by Harriet Thomas, Creative Director at Boogie Mites UK.

Bring Joy and Learning through the Gift of Music

The constant barrage of advertisements and marketing emails can make the process feel like an endless quest. Yet, amidst the chaos of gift shopping, how do you know what will truly resonate with your child? Perhaps it’s time to step back from the extravagant and consider something more meaningful.

Music: The Perfect Christmas Gift

Boogie Mites believes that the gift of music is the ultimate present you can offer your child this Christmas. But this doesn’t mean splurging on expensive instruments that no one knows how to play, especially when children are still developing their musical identities. The perfect musical gift can be creative, interactive, and, most importantly, cost-effective.

When parents engage in musical activities with their children, the benefits extend beyond the kids. Studies have shown that such interactions lead to improved relationships and communication between parents and children. The positive impact extends to parental mental health, child communication, and social skills. Boogie Mites’ music programs also found that parents felt more confident in singing and their general musical practices.

Boogie Mites recommends making your own instruments, an activity that’s not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly. Craft your personalized instruments, like shakers and drums, for a unique touch. Encourage children to join in the fun – it’s a delightful family activity.

Explore Percussion Instruments

For those hosting gatherings with little ones this Christmas, consider wrapping up craft supplies to create an entire percussion band. You can use empty bottles for shakers, wooden spoons for rhythm sticks, and empty boxes for drums. Decorate these instruments together, adding a festive touch to the festivities. Engage in musical storytelling, letting your child take the lead as the conductor.

Gift ideas that enhance your child’s musical journey include quality, educational music CDs or books filled with nursery rhymes. Take it a step further by creating a song bag with props or objects representing your child’s favorite songs. As you both learn new songs, keep adding to the bag for continued learning and enjoyment.

This Christmas, give the gift of music to your child. These interactive and creative presents ensure lasting enjoyment, serving as a reminder that the most cherished gift is the time and love you share.

Written by Harriet Thomas, Creative Director at Boogie Mites UK

Harriet Thomas is the Creative Director at Boogie Mites UK, offering early years music training for practitioners and licensee opportunities for anyone passionate about music for under 5s.

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