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The development of children’s spoken language underpins all seven areas of learning and development. Adult and children’s back-and-forth interactions from an early age form the foundations for language and cognitive development.

The number and quality of the conversations they have with adults and peers throughout the day in a language-rich environment is crucial. By commenting on what children are interested in or doing, and echoing back what they say with new vocabulary added, practitioners will build children’s language effectively.

Through conversation, story-telling and role play, where children share their ideas with support and modelling from their teacher, and sensitive questioning that invites them to elaborate, children become comfortable using a rich range of vocabulary and language structures.

A young boy holding a toy to his ear, pretending to have a conversation on the phone

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Young girl holding a guitar whilst sat on decking in the outdoor music area at nursery

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Young girl using a pencil to draw at nursery

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