Sep 17, 2021

Sarah Steel, CEO of The Old Station Nursery Group, Becomes Chair of National Day Nurseries Association


Sarah Steel, the founder, and CEO of The Old Station Nursery Group, has been appointed as the Chair of the National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA).

With her extensive experience in the early years sector, Sarah Steel is poised to lead and advocate for the needs of children, families, and providers. This blog highlights her new role and the significance of her appointment.

Sarah Steel Assumes Chair of National Day Nurseries Association

A Testament to Leadership and Advocacy

  1. Background and experience: Sarah Steel, the CEO and founder of The Old Station Nursery Group, has been an active member of NDNA’s National Policy Committee since 2011. Her in-depth knowledge of the sector and dedication to early years education make her an ideal candidate for the role of Chair.


  1. Succeeding Sarah Carr: Sarah Steel takes over the position from Sarah Carr, who has served as a board member and Chair of Trustees since 2001. Sarah Carr’s contributions have been invaluable in building a strong foundation for NDNA.


  1. Sarah Steel’s vision: Sarah Steel expresses her pride and excitement at becoming the Chair of NDNA. She emphasizes her commitment to support the early years sector and addresses the challenges faced by providers, whether they are small family-run nurseries or larger groups.

A Crucial Time for Early Years

Advocacy and Support for Children, Families, and Providers

  1. Acknowledging the sector’s challenges: As someone who has first-hand experience in the sector, Sarah Steel understands the pressures faced by everyone involved in early years education. She recognizes the need for support, advocacy, and training opportunities.
  2. NDNA’s role: Sarah Steel highlights NDNA’s role in standing up for the sector and providing essential support to nurseries. The organization plays a crucial part in advocating for the needs of children, families, and providers.

NDNA’s Delight and Confidence in the New Chair

Recognizing Sarah Steel’s Leadership and Understanding

NDNA’s Chief Executive’s endorsement: Purnima Tanuku, Chief Executive of NDNA, expresses delight in having Sarah Steel as the new Chair. She emphasizes Sarah’s exceptional leadership skills and her deep understanding of the challenges faced by NDNA members.

To conclude, Sarah Steel’s appointment as the Chair of NDNA marks a significant milestone for the organization and the early years sector as a whole. With her expertise, dedication, and commitment to supporting providers, children, and families, Sarah is poised to lead NDNA during this critical time. Her vision and advocacy will contribute to the growth and development of the sector.

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