Exploring Worksheets with Children

A great tool to encourage thinking and fine motor skills

Whilst learning through play is the most effective means of learning at a young age because children can choose, sometimes worksheets can be a useful supplement tool. Worksheets can help encourage children to think and help develop their fine motor skills; build stamina and focus needed for when they start school, and help to show you what your child finds more difficult.

Story time with nursery staff

our recommended worksheets

What we recommend

We have recommended a few downloadable worksheets and activities below for children aged 0-1 years, 1-3 years and 3-4 years.


The company TTS (click HERE to access) have provided a complete (48 page!) home learning pack filled full of different activities. To download it, simply click HERE.


The online website Twinkl (click HERE to access) has loads of great downloadable worksheets for children of all ages, not just 0 – 4 years, to do at home.

Critical care communication chart

Widgit symbols can be a really useful communication tool for many children. To help children communicate how they are feeling, below are links to two sets of Widgets.

One set is as you would normally see symbols in Nursery and can be used as normal at home. Click HERE to access the first set.

The other set was created to help medical staff communicate with patients but can be useful to use in a variety of situations. Click HERE to access the second set.

Child colouring on tablet at nursery

our recommended worksheets

0 - 1 years

“If you try to do your best, there is no failure" – Mike Farrell

Learning ideas

Hungry Little Minds

Free worksheets:

  • Early Maths – Number Visuals

Multicoloured numbers

Number and word posters

  • Physical Activities – Outdoor

Idea cards

  • Creative Arts – Imaginative Play

Farm small world

  • Simple Science – Sensory Play

The Very Hungry Caterpillar playdough mat

Bear Hunt playdough mat

  • Daily Routines

Daily calendar and weather chart

Good manners

our recommended worksheets

1 - 3 years

“I do the very best I know, the very best I can, and I mean to keep on doing so” – Abraham Lincoln

Learning ideas

Hungry Little Minds

Free worksheets:

  • Early Literacy – Communication Skills

Colour flash cards

Fruit words

Transport flash cards

  • Early Maths – Sensory Maths

Playdough number mats

  • Early Maths – Maths Play

2D shape playdough mats

  • Physical Play – Gross Motor Skills

PE physical action words

Moves like Pudsey

  • Creative Arts

Gingerbread man

our recommended worksheets

3 - 4 years

“Doing your best means never stop trying.” – Benjamin Franklin

Learning ideas

Hungry Little Mind


Twinkl have put together a Home Learning Hub full of daily activities to do with your preschooler.

It is important you remember that you don’t need to recreate pre-school at home. But – if you’re looking for ideas, or a way of adding a bit of routine into your day, you’ll find a good selection here.

To access the Twinkl Home Learning Hub, click below:

Twinkl Home Learning Hub

French and Spanish Learning

Spanish rainbow: learning colours

French rainbow: learning colours

Spanish animals: learning names and writing

French rocket: learning colours and numbers

Spanish rocket: learning colours and numbers

French butterfly: learning colours

Spanish butterfly: learning colours

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