Transition to school

Preparing your child for every stage of learning

Starting school is an exciting milestone, not just for every child, but for parents too. However, often with this change comes concerns, from both children and parents, about the transition from nursery to school. Explore the sections below to read more about our approach to not only preparing your child for school but preparing your child for every stage of learning.

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transition to school

Parent Resources

When we talk about transitioning to school, the word ‘transition’ refers to the change a child encounters moving from one place to another. As children develop from birth throughout childhood, they move from one learning environment to another. Often these transitions involve a process of change that requires them to adapt their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours to meet new expectations. By the time a child reaches school age they may have already experienced several transition periods, including transitions from:

  • home to nursery
  • one nursery group to another – including moving room to room
  • one provider to another during the working week
  • nursery to school

Transition is like a journey and takes time, preparation, and planning. Adults can help a child’s journey into new territory by supporting them before, during and after the transition occurs. Staff work together with parents, carers and teachers, sharing information they have about the child and what support he or she may need. We put together a Transition Guide, covering the importance of this milestone and how The Old Station Nursery Group supports this.

View our transition guide

transition to school

Ideas & suggestions

Our blog ‘Readiness for every stage of learning’ details a number of skills, aptitudes and attitudes which aim to ensure children are not only ‘school-ready’ but have a healthy and positive approach to life-long learning: Resilience, Endeavour, Attitude, Desire, Individuality, Nurture, Excitement, Self-Esteem and Specialness.

These are all skills and aptitudes that we have been developing with your child since they started at nursery with us and which you have been further building on at home, without even realising it; preparing them for every stage of learning – from room to room within the nursery and, when the time comes, from nursery to school.

At The Old Station Nursery Group, we build on ‘Readiness’ skills,  to ensure that all children are not only ready but also excited and confident, about their transition to ‘big school’.  We understand, however, that, naturally, many of our parents are nervous about their children starting school in September. We have, therefore, put together some top tips for some small things which you can do at home, to help further prepare your child for the move to school.

Top 5 tips for school readiness

transition to school

Readiness for every stage of learning

We believe that through our curriculum, bespoke programmes and daily interactions at nursery as well as home, your child will foster a number of specific skills, aptitudes and attitudes that ensure they have ‘Readiness’ for every stage of learning, both now and in the future.

Leaving nursery ready for every challenge and opportunity that lies ahead. Click the link below to read more about 'Readiness'.

Readiness for every stage of learning

Help your child start to picture themselves at their new setting

If you already have their uniform, why not take a picture of your child in it and stick it on the fridge, this will help them get used to the new change.


Have you tried organising a play date with children going to the same school?

Try planning a play date, where children can become comfortable developing friendships with those that will be going to the same school.


Schedule and routine is very important for a much smoother transition

Try preparing new routines by getting up and going to bed at certain times, getting dressed and having meals at a certain time.

Transition to school

Additional activities to support the transition from nursery to school

In addition to some of the suggestions and ideas above, we have put together some activities for you to take part in at home, offering further support to your little one's development.

We hope you find these activities useful whilst preparing your child for school, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

home activities
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Latest News and Blogs

Stay updated with all of the latest nursery information, including relevant articles on funding, transitions and more.

Latest news and blogs
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What your child will learn

Find out more about what your child will learn at nursery, and how this helps support them in their transition to school.

Our Curriculum
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