Our Curriculum

What your child will learn

Teaching and learning at The Old Station Nursery Group centers around the individual child; what they love and what motivates them to learn.

The expert delivery of rich, engaging, meaningful activities, purposeful play, and focused high-quality teachable moments, provides real opportunities for children’s natural curiosity to be enhanced, for individual learning to be challenged and extended, and secures solid foundations for life-long learning.

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Our Curriculum

Early Years Foundation Stage

All nurseries must follow the Early Years Foundation Stage. Through the EYFS framework, your child will be learning skills, acquiring new knowledge and demonstrating their understanding through 7 areas of learning and development. To read more about each of the areas of learning and development, we recommend all parents to read Foundation Years ‘A Parents’ Guide to the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework’. Just click on the link below to read the guide.

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Our Curriculum

Bespoke learning programme

Alongside the EYFS framework, The Old Station Nursery Group offers a bespoke set of learning programmes designed as curriculum enrichments.

These are our golden threads of enrichment, intertwined within our core curriculum provision. They aim to cement solid foundations for learning and focus on the key skills, knowledge and attitudes, we believe children need for an enriched, happy, healthy and successful life, and to make positive contributions to the world they are growing up in. Read more about our bespoke learning programmes by clicking below.

Bespoke Learning Programmes

Our curriculum


Sitting alongside our bespoke curriculum, your child will also participate in a range of enrichment programmes which we hope will offer even more learning and development opportunities

Our enrichment programmes include additional languages, yoga, rugby tots, boogie beats and more! Click the link below to learn more about our enrichment programmes.

Enrichment Activities
Child inspired yoga

our curriculum

Readiness for every stage of learning

We believe that through our curriculum, bespoke programmes and daily interactions at nursery as well as home, your child will foster a number of specific skills, aptitudes and attitudes that ensure they have ‘Readiness’ for every stage of learning, both now and in the future.

Leaving nursery ready for every challenge and opportunity that lies ahead. Click the link below to read more about 'Readiness'.

Readiness for every stage of learning
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Forest School

A type of early childhood education that takes place in forests or woodlands. The curriculum is fluid, focusing on learner-led outdoor play that encourages curiosity and exploration.

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Montessori Approach

By using this approach, children can freely choose the activities they want to do, allowing them to make individual choices whilst learning and developing at their own pace.

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Reggio Emilia approach

Sees children as curious individuals with the power and potential to develop and learn from their environment and the relationships they build with others.

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