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Introducing young children to music can have a positive impact on their overall development. Music helps to improve cognitive skills, such as memory and language, and can also enhance motor skills and coordination. Music can also be a fun and enjoyable way for children to express themselves and explore their creativity.

This page provides some tips on some of the ways you can introduce your child to the world of music.

Young girl holding a guitar whilst sat on decking in the outdoor music area at nursery

Sing along to nursery rhymes with your child

• Singing along to nursery rhymes with your child is great for developing their language and communication skills

• The repetition of the rhymes and catchy melodies can aid in vocabulary and language acquisition, as well as help them to improve their listening and memory skills.

• Singing and rhyming supports children to develop their phonological awareness, an important pre-reading skill.

Nursery practitioner sat in the cosy area with two young children making music and being happy 

Make your own instruments at home using recycled materials

• It can be used as a learning tool for music, as children explore different sounds and rhythms by shaking the shaker and experimenting with different fillers.

• It promotes creativity and problem-solving as children have to think about what materials they have available and how to use them to create a functional instrument.

• It teaches children about recycling and being environmentally friendly. It shows them how they can turn everyday items into something useful and fun, as well as encouraging them to think about the impact their consumption has on the environment.

• It helps children develop their fine motor skills as they handle different materials and tools to put the shaker together.

• It allows children to express themselves and create something unique and personal.

How to make it
Children being creative and making musical shakers from toilet roll

Explore a range of music genres and introduce songs in different languages

• Listening to songs in different languages can help children learn new vocabulary, sentence structures and grammar. It can help them understand and appreciate different cultures and ways of life.

• Listening to different types of music requires children to pay attention to different rhythms, melodies, and lyrics. This will improve their overall listening skills and can also help them to focus and pay attention in other areas of their life.

• Music can be a powerful tool for expressing emotions and ideas, and listening to different types of music will inspire children to think creatively and explore new ideas.

• Children who are exposed to a wide range of music styles will learn to appreciate different forms of music and will be more open to exploring new and different types of music as they grow older.

A girl holds a drum in her hands
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