Jan 27, 2021

Wombourne January News: Winnie The Pooh Day, Musical Instruments and Stick Insects

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January news

Happy New Year to all of our families! We would like to say a big thank you for all of your kind words, festive messages and gifts that we received in December. As a team, it really does keep us positive and feel supported when we receive such lovely comments, especially in these difficult times 

A huge welcome to all of our new families who have joined us at Sandhills Wombourne in January! All of our new children are settling in really well and are developing relationships with both staff and their peers. 

This month, we all took part in celebrating Winnie the Pooh Day and National Reading Day. The babies in Mr Small’s have enjoyed listening to and looking at some new story books. Some of the books are interactive with buttons to press to play music which has really engaged the children’s interest. Our younger babies have enjoyed listening to the tunes played whilst the older children have demonstrated awareness of pressing buttons to make an affect. The children have also been exploring with paint and making their first marks on paper using paint brushes and their hands. Nice and messy – the way it should be! 

Lots of beautiful sounds have been heard iMr Mischief’s room throughout January as the children have taken a particular interest in the musical instruments. The children have been having fun banging the drums and ringing the bells to make a variety of sounds. For Winnie the Pooh Day, the children painted teddy bear pictures with paint and looked at different types of bears in story books. We continue to introduce loose parts and further open-ended resources to the children, such as pine cones, wooden rings, lids from jars and corks. With these resources, the children can be encouraged to freely create and explore, promoting their curiosityimagination and creativity. The children have shown a particular interest in the wooden circles. The Mr Mischief’s children are often observed placing the animals on the circles, building towers with them and walking around with them on their hands balancing them. 

Over in Mr Bump’s this month, the children have been introduced to scissors to help develop their fine manipulative and motor skills. Under 1:1 supervision in the creative area, the children were shown how to hold the scissors and then they had a go at using them with support. To celebrate Winnie the Pooh Day, the children painted their own cup to make a ‘hunny’ pot for Winnie the Pooh’s yummy hunny. To further develop the children’s physical development, the children and staff have been learning yoga. The children have been enjoying this activity daily and have been showing their skills off at home too with lots of lovely observations and comments coming through on EYlog. 

Throughout January, it’s been all about construction in Mr Messy’s room, with the staff team enhancing the construction area. The children have been eager to create and construct their masterpieces. We have had rockets, houses and cars being constructed using various resources, such as building blocks, lids from jars and boxes. With the cold weather we have been experiencing, the children have had lots of fun outside blowing bubbles to see what happens when the liquid is exposed to the cold air. The children thoroughly enjoyed the frozen bubbles! Due to the cold weather, we decided to make some fat balls for the birds as the ground is too hard for them to find worms to eat. Lots of fun was had with melting the fat and stirring in all of the seeds. 

The children in Mr Clever’s room have all demonstrated how well they can work in small groups this month and how they have a can do attitude towards activitiesSome children have shown an interest in insects due to a new poster being displayed in the room of various insects. Whilst looking at this media, the children have been asking questions about certain insects and, in particular, stick insects. In small groups, the children talked about how they could make their own stick insects and used their critical thinking for deciding on what materials and resources to use. They went on to create some amazing stick insects! 

What’s coming up in February

We have a very busy month ahead with lots of exciting events and learning opportunities.

All rooms will be celebrating Valentine’s Day, please feel free to wear red clothing on Friday 12th February.  The children will have yummy pancakes for tea on Tuesday 16th February to celebrate Pancake Day. On the week commencing the 15th February, the children will be learning all about Chinese New Year.  Lynn, our Nursery Cook, will be cooking us a delicious Chinese meal for lunch. We can’t wait!

Other important information

We are delighted to inform you all that Leanne and her partner welcomed their twin baby girls Ava and Ella into the world safely on 29th December. Huge congratulations! 

Grace (Mr Clever’s room and Third in Charge) made the difficult decision to bring her maternity leave forward due to the current coronavirus situation that we are all facing. Grace and her partner are due to have their baby towards the end of January and we would like to wish them all the best for their new arrival. We will, of course, keep you updated. 

Angel (Mr Mischief’s room) unfortunately has had to leave nursery due to personal reasons and relocating from the area. We would like to wish Angel all of the best for the futureshe will be missed by everyone. 

All the staff team have taken part in some Good and Outstanding Practice workshops via webinar recordings. We strive to reflect on our own practice and enjoy learning about new activities and ideas that we can implement into everyday life at nursery.  

Our ‘Events Calendar’ for 2021 has been sent out via email, please do let us know if you haven’t received it. 

Please be reminded that we ask that all children’s bags remain at nursery and that no items, such as toys, are brought into nursery. This is to reduce the risk of cross contamination between home and nursery.  

Please adhere to your booked session time. If you require a 7.30am start, please do contact the nursery in advance to arrange this session to be booked in. We staff the nursery according to the number of children attending which session. To maintain ratios at all times, we ask that parents do not bring their children in before their booked session time. 

Please make sure to follow us on our Facebook page and Instagram page. We upload a lot of photos of all the wonderful activities we have been up to throughout the week so make sure you don’t miss out on seeing these! 

We know that our fantastic families are always recommending us to their friends, so we want to say a big thank you for your referrals! As of Saturday 23rd January 2021, when you refer a friend and they join the nursery, we would like to thank you with a £100 credit off your next invoice. We know you have lots of friends so there is no limit! We are always very grateful for your support and look forward to welcoming more of your friends into our nursery family! Terms and conditions apply so please speak with me to check these.

Lastly, due to the current restrictions with parents not entering the building and the staff collecting children from the door, rarely get to see any of our parents. If you need to discuss anything, please do call the nursery or email me on sandhilswombourne@theoldstationnursery.co.uk  

Thank you as always for your continued support. 

Amy Etchells, Nursery Manager

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