Sep 20, 2021

Wolverhampton September News: Animals, Creativity and Autumn

Autumn leaves

September news

In our Mr Smalls baby room this month, the team have welcomed lots of new starters whom have all settled so well. The children have enjoyed exploring the room and making new friends. This month, the children have celebrated Literacy Day where they enjoyed looking at different books. They also celebrated Rosh Mashanda by painting with bubble wrap and tubes to create honeycombs. Also in September, the children enjoyed exploring the farm animals; playing in the water, splashing with the ducks and getting muddy with the pigs. They have also been looking at pirates for Pirate Week; playing ‘Treasure Island’, exploring water play with boats, playing in the sand and engaging in mud play, where the children will be able to dig for treasure!

This month in our Little Miss Curious room, the children have been looking at different story books, where they explored the different scenes in the tuff tray. The children took particular interest in the book ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ and they loved creating their own bears using paper plates, glue and different shades of brown paper.  The children also celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi this month, which is a Hindu festival that celebrates the birth of Lord Ganesha. The children enjoyed creating masks, listening to music and watching video clips of how this festival is celebrated.  The team have also been encouraging the children to put their own rubbish in the bin for World Clean Up Day.

In Mr Mischiefs, the children have enjoyed and have been interested in painting with a variety of resources this month, using their hands and paint brushes. The children have also loved building with building blocks, where the team have encouraged the children to count and discussed the concepts of big and small. The children have also been interested in playing with the animals this month; making animal sounds and listening to ‘Old Macdonald Had a Farm’ stories.

In the toddler room Little Miss Sunshines, the team have welcomed lots of new children and their families this month. A very warm welcome to you all, we are all very excited to have you in the room with us. The children have been learning about different emotions and feelings this month, and how these make us feel.  The children have been understanding how their actions make others feel, asking “does this make my friends happy or sad?”.

In Mr Bumps, the children have enjoyed exploring colours and textures throughout September. They have enjoyed making marks and mixing colours with the paint. The children have also enjoyed exploring textures, using language to explain these textures. The children have been using vocabulary such as sticky and crunchy. They have also enjoyed identifying shapes and completing jigsaws. The children have also celebrated World Ocean Day this month by learning about how not to put rubbish in the ocean. The children also enjoyed some water play with the sea creatures.

This month in the Pre School room Little Miss Giggles, the children have really enjoyed exploring dinosaurs, using books to learn more about dinosaurs living by volcanoes.  The children made their own volcanoes using baking powder and vinegar. The children smelt the vinegar and they decided it wasn’t a nice smell! After seeing the fizzing effect, one of the children suggested making their own. They used papier mache and loved getting their hands sticky, painting it and exploring colours. The children have also enjoyed building various structures this month, such as castles for the small world people and houses for the animals.

Over in Mr Messys this month, the children have enjoyed using their senses to explore. They have been exploring coloured rice and using different colours to make rainbows.  The children have also explored funny soap, creating snowmen out of this! They have also been exploring gloop and everyone enjoyed getting sticky.  The children have also shown an interest in animals and they have been making animal footprints with the animals and paint. The children have made their own animal masks out of paper plates and paint, using the scissors to carefully cut out the eyes. Once they were dry, the children enjoyed role playing animals. The team introduced animal fact books and the children enjoyed learning about their favourite animals.

This month, the children have also enjoyed getting creative. After having a dream of a big bad mouse at nursery, a child decided to make a net to catch him. This then led onto all the children making a net using creative modelling. The children then went on a hunt for the mouse but as they didn’t find one, they decided to look at ‘The Gruffalo’ story instead; to see where the mouse could be hiding.  The children have also enjoyed celebrating Roald Dahl Day and creating magic like Matilda!

What’s coming up next month

The children in the Mr Smalls babies room will be enjoying lots of animal play next month, including farm and zoo animals as well as sea animals. They will also be celebrating Harvest by painting with potatoes and vegetables. In Little Miss Curious during the month of October, the children will be learning about many important events such as Black History Month, Halloween and Space week. In Mr Mischiefs, the children will continue with messy play, create crafts for Halloween, celebrate World Space Day and explore Black History Month.

The children in the Toddler room, Little Miss Sunshines, will be welcoming Autumn throughout October. They will be learning about the changes of the seasons as well as celebrating Halloween and all things spooky.  In Mr Bumps, the children are looking forward to continuing to watch the environmental changes due to Autumn. They will also be celebrating World Animal Day, World Space Day and Halloween.

The children in our Pre School room Little Miss Giggles, are looking forward to continuing learning about dinosaurs and role playing with volcanoes. They are also looking forward to exploring pumpkins for Halloween. In Mr Messys, the children will be continuing with their creative skills next month, making spooky creations for Halloween. The children will also be exploring the changes in the environment as we move into Autumn and learning more about this season.

Other important information

Congratulations to Nicola who is now Room Lead in Mr Smalls! We would also like to extend a very warm welcome to our new staff members; Alana who is our new Third in Charge/Senior Room Lead, Charlotte who is our lunch cover working 11am-3pm and Henna who is a Level 3 Practitioner.

Our employee of the month for September is Lydiea.  Lydiea has only just started with us, although she has slotted into the role as if she’s been with us for years! She has made good relationships with children, staff and parents already and is an asset to our team. Well done Lydiea and thank you for your hard work!

Thank you for a brilliant start to September!

Home activity

If you are looking for something to do at home this weekend or over the coming months, why not give our activity at home a go! Be aware that some activities or ideas may need to be adapted to suit your child’s age and development.

Threading cards


  • What you will need: card, hole punch, string/shoelaces.
  • Find an image of a popular character, from either the internet or an old book that can be recycled, perhaps pictures from wrapping paper.
  • Cut around it with your child and glue it on to card.
  • When the image has dried, cut it out from the card leaving a 1cm border around the image and then make holes using the hole punch leaving a half cm gap between holes.
  • Then tie one end of the string/shoelace to a hole and then thread the string across the image until it is covered up.
  • Your child will then use their fine motor skills to unpick the string from each hole, describing what they see and guessing which character they will be unwrapping.
  • When finished the child can then try and re thread the image themselves counting each hole in sequence as they thread it.

What will your child be learning?

  • Independence, creativity and choice
  • Mark making
  • Colours
  • Shapes and size
  • Developing fine motor skills
  • New vocabulary, e.g. big, small, character name, thread, lace, scissors, numbers, etc
  • Sense of pride, achievement and self esteem
  • Use of tools for a purpose
  • How to use scissors safely
  • Recognise familiar characters and recalling what they can remember about the character
  • Counting numbers in sequence
  • Hand to eye coordination
  • Building attention skills and patience

Debbie Rides, Nursery Manager

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