Oct 26, 2021

Wolverhampton October News: Space, Halloween and Healthy Foods

Spiders created by the children

Welcome to our October newsletter! We would like to wish our new parents a very warm welcome to Sandhills Wolverhampton and thank all of you for your continued understanding and support whilst we continue monitoring our Covid restrictions that we currently have in place.

October news

In our Baby Room Mr Smalls the children have enjoyed exploring a variety of  sensory activities which included ‘crazy soap’ and cereal play which the children enjoyed scoping and painting. They also celebrated ‘Space Week’, where the children made pictures to take home using star cutters to print with and glitter to make the night sky sparkle, as well as using all parts of their body to create a magical picture and enjoyed getting very messy.

In Little Miss Curious they have been super busy! World Space Week had the children making their own planets using paper plates and different coloured paint. They also celebrated Navratri, the Hindu festival which celebrates the Goddess Durga, during this time the children got to create their own crowns to match Durga. The children also enjoyed looking at the book ‘Handa’s surprise’ for Black history month, and engaged with all the different fruits and animals in the story and created their own little fruit baskets in the home corner.

In Mr Mischiefs the children have been learning about autumn, about the colours of autumn and the different weather. They showed an interest in the trees they could see outside so the children decorated their own tree with loose wooden parts, real leaves, and sticks. The children painted with autumn colours and broccoli to create a large group painting.  The children were interested in the silver teapots and cups and acted out imagination play with staff, they explored fruity tea in the china teapot and cups and this followed onto water play with different objects which helped the children to see what objects floated and sunk. The children have carried out Halloween activities such as decorating a pumpkin, pumpkin painting with apples, find the spiders in the web and ghosts with tissue paper.

The Mr Mischiefs room has been changed around and new resources have been added, they have been exploring the new loose parts, their new light table, new musical instruments, new fairy garden and their new oral health area which teaches them about cleaning their teeth. They have thoroughly enjoyed themselves and have really concentrated and explored their new resources.

In our Toddler Room Little Miss Sunshines, they have enjoyed learning about space and the different planets. The children have also enjoyed role play, they enjoyed shopping with their friends and baking pizza to eat. They have also enjoyed doing lots of Halloween activities, such as making potion, painting and carving pumpkins.

In Mr Bumps, the children have enjoyed exploring the weather changes and how this has affected our environment. The children have noticed that the colours on the leaves are now turning orange and brown and also that it is darker of a morning and that it is getting darker of a night-time. We have also found some conkers that the children have been very excited to see, and they have done some conker painting and also have made a conker ramp for races. We have also had lots of fun doing Halloween activities such as pumpkin carving, making potions, having Halloween water play and also pretending to be ghosts and witches.

In our Preschool Room Little Miss Giggles, they have been very creative making some early Christmas crafts such as ornaments, cards and even a sleigh which the children used to role play as Santa and his reindeer.  In Mr Messys the children have also enjoyed space week; using playdough they created Earth, made moon rocks using rice krispies and glitter, and role played being an astronaut. The children have really enjoyed learning about their bodies and staying healthy, they have brushed the giant teeth, have learnt how to brush them twice per day and also explored a dentist fact book learning how dentists keep teeth healthy. They’ve explored the obstacle course and felt how fast their heart beat and then slowed down and also learnt about healthy foods. The children have taken bags home to collect Autumn items and shared their findings with the other children.

What’s coming up next month

In our Baby Room Mr Smalls they will be celebrating bonfire night and enjoying Autumn by exploring leaves, pine cones and the autumn colours.  They will also be making poppies to commemorate Remembrance Day.  In Little Miss Curious they have many things to look forward to such as Celebrating Diwali the festival of light, Remembrance Day, and children in need. No doubt they will get up to lots more exciting things. In Mr Mischiefs the children will be learning about Dwali, bonfire night, remembrance Sunday and will continue to explore their new resources in the room.

In our Toddler Room Little Miss Sunshines they are looking forward to bonfire night, Diwali and learning about Remembrance Day. In Mr Bumps they are looking forward to continuing to explore our new room and continue to see our seasons are changing. We also will be celebrating many events such as Diwali, Bonfire night, Remembrance day, Children in need and much more.

In our Pre school room Little Miss Giggles they are looking forward to exploring the dark nights so that they can use torches and make shadows. In Mr Messys they are looking forward to making firework pictures for Diwali and bonfire night and also further exploring Autumn.

Other important information

We would like to welcome our new staff members, Jessica (Kitchen Assistant), Aimee and Rachael (Early Years Practitioners) to our team and wish Arundeep well as she has a new position within a school.

Children in Need is Friday 19th, and further details can be found in the information received recently via email.

Our employee of the month for October is Sophie – although she is new to our team, she has settled in well, is very helpful and has a passion to learn.

We hope that everyone has settled into the new term well. It is a delight to see so many happy faces around nursery! We would be thrilled if you could leave us a review on Daynurseries, Google or Facebook. To leave a review on Daynurseries click here.

Did you know that we have a refer a friend scheme? When you refer a friend to join the nursery, we will thank you with a £100 credit on your next invoice. Ask your Nursery Manager for more details.

Thank you as always for your continued support.

Home activity

If you are looking for something to do at home this weekend or over the coming months, why not give our activity at home a go! Be aware that some activities or ideas may need to be adapted to suit your child’s age and development.

Paint with your hands and feet


  • Get a long roll of lining paper, old wall paper or material.
  • Choose what colours to use to decorate with.
  • Then use your hands and feet to decorate the paper.
  • Display the artwork in your windows for people to see.

What will your child be learning?

  • Independence, creativity and choice.
  • Mark making using their body.
  • Sensory experience of paint on their body.
  • Colours.
  • Shapes and size.
  • Developing gross motor skills.
  • New vocabulary, e.g. big, small, red, blue, green, feet, hand, etc.
  • Give meaning to marks they make.

Debbie Rides, Nursery Manager


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