Jun 23, 2021

Wolverhampton June News: Sea Life, Water Play and Car Washing

Wolv Car Wash

Welcome to our June newsletter! We’ve had a fabulous month, making the most out of the sunshine, taking advantage of all our wonderful outdoor space.

June news

In our Baby room Little Miss Tiny’s they have been busy exploring Dinosaur Day! The children have experimented mark making using different textured rollers and paint, using various dinosaurs to make stomping footprints in foam. The babies have also enjoyed World Ocean Day, and have made lots of crafts for Father’s Day. In Mr Small’s the babies have enjoyed lots of sensory play. They especially loved Ocean Day and explored the different ocean creatures. They made cards and gifts for their Daddies, and have enjoyed lots of sensory activities. In Little Miss Curious’ the children have had a wonderful time making new relationships whilst exploring the room and enjoying the glorious sunshine outside. The children have had great fun splashing staff and their friends with the water and have been very excited exploring the views and looking for the tractors and wildlife in the field. Mr Mischief’s children have enjoyed creating Father’s Day cards and medals using a variety of resources such as paint, tissue paper, sequins and glitter. They have also been interested in building towers and staff have encouraged counting as the children built.

In our Toddler room Little Miss Sunshine’s, the children have enjoyed lots of water play outside and also shown an interest in fire. Staff set up a fire provocation to allow the children lots of opportunities to talk about fire, fire safety and fire engines, which they thoroughly enjoyed. Mr Bump’s have been very busy this month, enjoying lots of time in the garden, playing with the water in the pool and the water wall.  The children have been learning about World Ocean Day and staff have supported the children to understand how rubbish in the water can hurt our sea creatures.  They have also shown lots of interest in mini-beasts, and have enjoyed taking care of them in the garden. They know that they have to be careful when holding them as they don’t want to hurt them, and they have also shown lots of interest in shapes in the environment.

In our Preschool room Little Miss Giggle’s, the children have been enjoying the beautiful sunshine and have enjoyed exploring with water play and experimenting with water channelling. They have taken an interest in learning about sea creatures and watching how different things travel in water and have kept cool by having fun with the hose pipe. They celebrated the Queen’s birthday by having a mini party and made their own crowns, and they have also been busy making crafts for Father’s Day.  The children have also taken an interest in football talking lots about the Euros. Staff will be continuing this interest by playing lots of sports games, and if parents could bring in swimming costumes for the children in Little Miss Giggle’s so that they can all join in with the water games, this would be appreciated.  In Mr Messy’s, the children have celebrated Ocean Day and the Queen’s birthday.  Due to the beautiful weather June has bought they have enjoyed lots of outdoor water play, and the children have also enjoyed role-play washing cars, creating big bubbles using hula hoops and also creating a mini paddling pool. The children have shown an interest in role playing as Doctors and Nurses, practitioners supported this by setting up a doctor’s surgery for the children to extend on their learning. They have also created their own books for Father’s Day and have been practising writing their names and small words. The children have also enjoyed mixing colours and pushing cars through the paint.

What’s coming up next month

In our Baby room Little Miss Tiny’s, they are looking forward to celebrating Friendship Day, as are the babies in Mr Small’s. In Mr Mischief’s, they will continue with water play and will make sandcastles in the sand.

In our Toddler room Little Miss Sunshine’s, they are looking forward to learning about and celebrating Independence Day, Eid al Adha, and they will be doing lots of messy play. In Mr Bump’s they will be celebrating Canada Day by exploring the flag and looking at animals from Canada.  They will also be celebrating Eid al-Adha, summer Olympics and Friendship Day.

In our Preschool room Mr Messy’s, the children are looking forward to celebrating our school leavers in a nursery graduation and talking about their new uniforms.  They also hope the lovely weather continues so that the children can continue their interest in water.

Other important information

If your child is planning on leaving nursery, can we please have your leaving date emailed to nursery and just a reminder that we require a one month notice of this.

We will be holding an outdoor nursery graduation for all those children that are starting Primary School in September, and we are planning to hold this on Saturday 24th July 2021 at 11am. Further details and invites will be sent out soon.

As we have not changed any of any Covid regulations could we please ask that toys from home are not bought into nursery please.

Thank you for all of your continued support.

Debbie Rides, Nursery Manager


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