May 27, 2021

Uxbridge May News: Colours, Music and Life Cycles

The Old Station Nursery Group - Creating Brighter Futures Together

This half term seems to have flown by, where is this year going? A very warm welcome to all of our new families and children who have joined us this past month.

We have been super busy at Uxbridge this month and plan to have lots more on the agenda over the following weeks. The builders are in, the kitchen has started and there are lots more projects over the coming weeks which will help transform our nursery even further. We will take some photos along the journey to keep you posted.  

May news

Our babies have had a fun filled month of exploring colour through a newly introduced colour table. They have also been extremely interested in shape sorting activities, providing them with lots of opportunities to develop their thinking skills as they try to post the correct items in the correct places. The team have also been focusing on the 5 senses, drawing children into fun and exciting activities which have enabled them to explore and discover within secure and loving interactions. The children have also been to the beach this month and put their feet and hands in the sand. They’ve felt mashed banana run through their fingers and have explored a variety of foods for ‘Eat What You Want Day’ which created some very interesting faces! 

During May, the children in toddlers and Pre-school continued to broaden their inquiries about lifecycles. The children were so fortunate to have to opportunity to see one of our pre-schoolers butterfly projects at the end April which were brought in form home to share. This sparked further interest to purchase our own and these were delivered on 28th April.

The children in toddlers and Pre-school had been patiently waiting for their butterflies to hatch from their cocoons. We are delighted to say after 2 weeks of watching and waiting, we have been greeted with 11 butterflies which the children have now released into the wild. In addition to this, the team in Pre-school have been focusing on observational drawing, looking at fine detail and print, creating their own interpretations of art. 

The toddlers have also really enjoyed music and movement this month, focusing on sound and body percussion using favourites such as ‘jump’ and ‘roar like a lion’ from Patty Shulka on YouTube. They have also been measuring and weighing out ingredients to make playdough, using lots of descriptive language to support their learning. The children have been discussing which ingredients they need; labelling the items and even spotting the different between sugar and salt! 

As some of our pre-schoolers embark on their last half term before big school we will be planning and supporting their transitions alongside providing lots of experiences that will turn into memories that will last a lifetime. 

We have been supporting the Pre-school children to be ‘school ready’ this month by drawing on independent skills such as putting their own coats and shoes on, supporting each other with zips and buttons, and accessing the bathroom independently. We have also been focusing on golden rules, being kind and developing a democracy of votes for things they enjoy.

There has been a real focus on the children developing their emergent writing skills in preschool during May, which has been driven by the opportunities for purposeful mark making in the literacy corner/school role play set up. All of the displays have been developed for the children, by the children and not a bit of adult handwriting is in sight! We are proud of how the children have been writing their own names and attempting to write the names of their friends. They have also been doing a great job at sounding out phenomes to aid their developing understanding of blending and segmenting sounds to create words.  

What’s coming up next month

As we get closer to the end of the school year, some of our focus will continue to be on supporting the children’s transition onto primary school. We will be holding family telephone calls (date TBC) to talk through your child’s progress and discuss any concerns you may have so we can focus on these during July to aid their transitions to school. Phone calls will be for all families who want one, not just for those children who are moving on to reception class.   

In June, the children will be travelling to Africa for our TONU travels. The children will be trying some delicious foods from Africa, taking part in the National Arts Festival and learning about the continent. They will also be attempting some cultural dancing, sounds, song and creating aboriginal prints. Can we please ask that you bring in your recycling if you have any, so the children can create instruments from this.

In additional to the above, the children will also be celebrating Dinosaur Day on the 1st June, Say Something Kind Day on the 2nd June, celebrating the Queens Official Birthday on the 11th June and getting ready for Fathers Day on the 20th June.

Other important information

This month, we welcome Chloe, Lauren and Cheryl to the team, who have all settled in extremely well to Uxbridge. We hope you have had the opportunity to say hello! We have also recruited Salma as lunch time cover who will work during term time. Salma started with us at the start of the week and is already settling in well. A very warm welcome to everyone!

We say farewell to Anthony our Nursery Chef and wish him all the very best with his future endeavours. We are busy recruiting for a new Nursery Chef to take over the ropes in the kitchen, in the interim Jenna and Anchal will continue to step in where required. 

Please note that it is bank holiday on Monday 31st May and the nursery is closed.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Jenna O’Sullivan, Nursery Manager

The Old Station Nursery Group - Creating Brighter Futures Together
The Old Station Nursery Group - Creating Brighter Futures Together

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