Aug 26, 2020

Uxbridge August News: Carnival, Animals and Under the Sea

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August news

We hosted a graduation party for all our preschool leavers this month, which was a huge success with children enjoying a tea party and receiving a gift from Gill and all the team. We hope that the children enjoyed this as much as we did!

The preschool children have also been engaged in on going activities preparing them for ‘big school’ throughout August. They have practised transitioning into big school in the role play area; they have been encouraged to use the washroom independently; as well as understanding behavioural expectations. The children have been singing songs, dancing and listening to stories as well as telling their own stories, which has helped with growing their confidence. Number recognition, addition and subtraction activities were supported through activities in the garden. The children also participated in discussions involving healthy eating and its benefits which the children really enjoyed.

With the extreme weather conditions this month, the hose pipe was popular as children and the team cooled off with the water spray and play. The preschoolers also took part in art activities this week, creating masks for our Carnival. The children were dancing to carnival music with their masks. Gill brought in her large angel wings and all the attire to share with the children.    

The toddlers have been reading the story ‘Dear Zoo’ this month. The children have enjoyed reciting the words from the book and exploring animals within the book. They took to drawing the animals in the book and talking about their favourite animals.  

With the river behind our room, we have been watching the swans and their families sitting on the bank of the river. The children have been out to watch them, talking about the cygnets and their changing colour as they grow. The children have also engaged in lots of art activities this month, including mark making, to develop the children’s motor skills. 

The babies have been focusing on ‘Under the Sea’ throughout August, making hand and footprints during art activities, using soft sand and paints. Picture books with sea animals were shared and this was extended in water play, talking about the sea animals. ‘Baby Shark’ was the hit tune sung by all!  

The children have also been busy mixing paints to create varieties of colours which led to painting rainbows and introducing the names of colours to the children. 

The nursery was open for a ‘Show Around Saturday’ on the 8th August for two hours, which was a great success. The team and I showed parents around and spoke to all giving them an insight into the daily routines of the nursery, the wonderful menu and the activities that take place. We hope to see lots of new faces around the nursery soon. 

What’s coming up in September

 We are looking forward to September and the new children joining us.  

 All rooms will be participating in the International Day of Charity.  Children will be requested to bring in £1 as a donation and they will be baking fairy cakes to take home. All proceeds will go to a chosen charity. More details on this to follow.

National Read a Book Day will take place at the start of September.  All children are welcome to dress in either their favourite book character outfit or their pyjamas. It will be a relaxing day of book appreciation in the cosy book corners in every room. More details on this to follow.

We will also be encouraging all children and parents to support European Languages Day, as we have many children and families that come from across the world. This day will promote understanding of different countries around the world, different languages spoken and cultures. More details on this to follow.

Recycle Week is also taking place towards the end of September and we will be encouraging the children to recycle various material at nursery and at home. If you have any materials you wish to send to nursery that we may use for art and crafts, please do send these in. 

An exciting month ahead at Uxbridge! 

Other important information

Congratulations to Shannon, who is expecting a baby due in December 2020. 

We have a planned refurbishment for our nursery due to take place in September with minimum disruption to our daily routines. 

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Rochelle Anderson, Nursery Manager

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