May 23, 2022

Townsend Montessori Nursery in Margate has received an Outstanding Ofsted grading following their recent inspection

Townsend Montessori Margate Receive Ofsted Outstanding

Townsend Montessori Nursery in Margate has received an Outstanding Ofsted grading following their recent inspection.

The nursery, which is part of The Old Station Nursery Group, was last inspected in October 2016 when it was graded ‘Good’. Since then, the setting welcomed a new Nursery Manager, Terri Elliott, in 2020, who has worked hard with the staff team to develop the nursery’s quality of inclusive care for the children and families; ensuring that they are provided with a warm and welcoming experience when at the nursery.

Townsend Montessori Nursery in Margate, part of The Old Station Nursery Group, proudly announces its recent achievement of an Outstanding Ofsted grading. This remarkable recognition follows the nursery’s dedication to providing high-quality, inclusive care for children and families. Let’s explore the details of this accomplishment and the positive impact it has on the local community.

A Journey of Growth and Excellence

Previously graded as ‘Good’ during the October 2016 inspection, Townsend Montessori Nursery in Margate has undergone an inspiring journey of growth and excellence. Under the leadership of Nursery Manager Terri Elliott, who joined in 2020, the staff team has worked diligently to enhance the quality of inclusive care provided to children and families. Their efforts have resulted in a warm and welcoming environment that nurtures children’s independence and fosters positive attitudes towards learning.

Exceptional Environment and Positive Learning Attitudes

The most recent Ofsted report highlights Townsend Montessori Nursery’s exceptional environment, meticulously designed to support children’s growing independence. The children consistently exhibit positive attitudes towards their learning experiences. The nursery’s commitment to creating a nurturing and enriching atmosphere is evident, providing children with a solid foundation for their futures.

A Trusted Institution in Margate

Townsend Montessori Nursery in Margate, situated in the heart of the city, is renowned for its high-quality childcare services for children aged 0-5. As one of the six Townsend Montessori Nurseries in Kent, it is a trusted institution within the local community. The Old Station Nursery Group, to which it belongs, is recognized as the 12th largest nursery group in the UK, providing exceptional care and support to thousands of children across 63 nurseries nationwide.

Success Celebrated and Continued Support

Nursery Manager Terri Elliott expresses her joy and gratitude for receiving an Outstanding grade across all areas in the recent Ofsted inspection. Her vision of creating a home-like environment where children can thrive, and grow has been realized. The entire team celebrates this achievement, as their dedication and hard work have been recognised. The Old Station Nursery Group, led by Chair Sarah Steel, congratulates the Margate nursery, and pledges ongoing support for their future endeavors.

To conclude, Townsend Montessori Nursery in Margate’s Outstanding Ofsted grading is a testament to their commitment to providing exceptional care and creating an enriching environment for children to thrive. With a dedicated team led by Nursery Manager Terri Elliott, the nursery continues to make a positive impact on the lives of children and families in the local community. The Old Station Nursery Group proudly celebrates this achievement and looks forward to supporting the nursery’s continued success.

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