Jun 23, 2021

Stowmarket Pre-School June News: School Preparation, Jungles and Languages

The Old Station Nursery Group - Creating Brighter Futures Together

Welcome to our June newsletter! We have had some beautiful weather this month which our children have thoroughly enjoyed, it is amazing what a bit of sunshine can do to brighten up everyone’s day.

June news

June has been extremely busy. As well as getting ready for the big school transitions, we have welcomed several new children and families to our group, all have settled in wonderfully and we are so proud of them!

This month in the pre-school room we have had an ongoing theme of preparing for school transitions. The children have been having many group discussions about the different schools they are going to, what their expectations are and what they would like to do and learn whilst at school.

During these discussions, as a team the children created a new display where they drew around one their friends and designed a school uniform; we spoke about the different colours we all may wear, the different types of clothing and identified the different school logos.

One day the children took a particular interest into a jungle fact book, therefore the staff and children decided to delve into this topic and take it further by learning all about the different animals, their habitats, and different characteristics. We created our own jungle song, made animal masks and created a muddy swamp playdough scene with logs, bark and leaves to create a jungle ambience.

Another child led interest we have been exploring are different languages. As a couple of our children had mentioned that older siblings are learning French at school, the staff decided to take this learning opportunity to the next level and learn about different languages. We are extremely lucky that we have Laura, our Spanish practitioner! She was able to teach the children simple words such has “hello”, “goodbye”, and the numbers 1-5. Throughout the week we also looked at Polish, French and Chinese. We hope your children have remembered “nǐ hǎo” (hello) in Chinese, this was a particular favourite!

How can we have June without celebrating our wonderful Father’s Day! During this celebration we spoke our Dads and other people that are special to us. We discussed the important role our families play and why they are special to us.

Another topic we have thoroughly enjoyed looking at is gong to the dentist. As one of our pre-school children was enthusiastic to tell her friends all about her dentist trip, we thought it would be a lovely idea to take this further and learn all about oral health. We turned our role play area into a Dentist’s, and all took turns to play the different roles and occupations. At group time we loved the story book ‘Alans’s Teeth’; the children found this very funny!

The Sunshine’s have had a jam-packed month full of exciting topics and celebrations! Through child interest, the Sunshine’s had a wonderful week learning about different parts of the bodies. They created several obstacle courses, exercises, and yoga classes; the children completed the different variations of exercises and monitored their breathing, they were extremely interested to noticed that once they had run around or completed the given exercises, they were breathing more heavily, and they could feel their hearts beating faster.

The children looked at skeleton x-rays and spoke about all the different body parts and what they are all used for. To further this topic, the children looked at what is good for our health and what is not so good. Together we looked at various foods and categorised them into healthy, unhealthy, fruits, vegetables, and special treats. We were super impressed to see that most of our children were able to identify what foods are good for our bodies.

Alongside celebrating Father’s Day, the children learnt about different family members and how families can come in all different shapes and sizes. We held several group discussions to speak about who is in our close and wider family and why they are special to us. We created some wonderful Father’s Day cards too!

As the hot weather has been brightening up our days, the children have been telling the staff all of the wonderful things they have been doing in the evenings a weekend, we have heard about many different seaside and park trips. The staff have been planning various activities to learn all about the season of Summer and what we associate it with. When talking about beach trips, the children spoke a lot about ice cream, we decided to set up our own ice cream shop in the garden. We looked at the importance of protecting ourselves from the sun, the children were able to tell us about how we should wear sun cream, sun hats to make sure we are safe.

What’s coming up next month

Next month we are certain will be another busy month as we head even closer to our school transitions! Throughout July the staff will continue to support the children with group discussions about school to look at what they may be excited or worried about. We will be sending home a ‘school road trip map’ which will help parents and carers at home with helping your children to be prepared for school.

Once half term has finished, we will also be looking at trialling our Sunshine children in the pre-school room ready for their big transitions! We will begin to talk to the children about their move and how their current key children will support them. We will keep you all informed on this movement.

Other important information

Please note that the last day of the Summer term is the 16th July 2021 for all of our term time only children. If your children is only booked in for term time and you would like some additional sessions during the half terms, please let a member of management know and they can check availability for you. The Autumn term will begin on the 6th September. If your child is due to go to school however is on our ‘Stretched option’ (all year round), please note that their Summer term funding covers them up until the 31st August.

I am sure a lot of you will have probably guessed by now that I (Milly) am pregnant and will be looking forward to welcoming my baby girl in September. My last working day before maternity leave will be Friday 16th July; I am super pleased I will get to celebrate the last day of term with all of my lovely children at nursery and wish them well for their next big adventure for school and the pre-school room! In my absence Jake (Assistant manager of Sunhill Stowmarket Nursery, Baby and Toddler unit) will be covering my Nursery Manager position. Jake has worked at the setting for 10 years and experienced all different age groups; I am confident he will continue to flourish and be an asset to the pre-school in my absence.

At our Baby and Toddler unit we are super excited that Sinead (current Deputy manager) will be stepping up to cover Jake as the Assistant Manager alongside Laura Tricker who will be covering Sinead’s Deputy Manager role. We wish them all the best in this wonderful opportunity to expand on their current amazing skills and knowledge! Again I am certain they will continue to blossom.

From the 1st of July our social media pages will be going over to The Old Station Nursery’s accounts. Please do like and follow all of them to see what your little ones have been up to. You can follow them by clicking on each of the following: FacebookInstagramTwitter and LinkedIn.

We hope you all have an amazing July and we look forward to telling you about all of the exciting things we have been up to in setting!

Thank you for all your continued support.

Milly Adams, Nursery Manager


The Old Station Nursery Group - Creating Brighter Futures Together
The Old Station Nursery Group - Creating Brighter Futures Together
The Old Station Nursery Group - Creating Brighter Futures Together

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