Feb 23, 2021

St Nicholas February News: Pancake Day, Outdoor Learning and Chinese New Year


Welcome to our February newsletter. Here we have the chance to inform you of all of the exciting things we have been up to this month and of any forthcoming events we have planned

February news

The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed joining in with the #ThumbsUpForEarlyYears campaign this month, you can see our participation on social media. We had lots of fun taking part and showing our appreciation for all of the superstars in the Early Years sector.

All ages have had access to the woodland learning area throughout February and have enjoyed the opportunity to explore the EYFS in a different, lush and beautiful environment; which is just beginning to bloom as Spring is on our doorsteps!

Have you seen our new signage? This arrived this month and was very exciting. The children have really enjoyed watching the changes with the signs and trees being installed and felled.

The children in Twinkle Stars have spent lots of time in their garden during February, exploring and adventuring in the snow and witnessing changes in the seasons as the iris, tulip, snowdrops and blue bells are starting to emerge. The children thoroughly enjoyed a ‘potion station’ tuff tray which allowed them the freedom to partake in gentle science by mixing, pouring, dissolving and creating their own rose petal potions.

The children in Stars have used their imagination to invent their own pancakes, using real ingredients to form their own ball of playdough. They then used tools to flatten, flip, and cut the ‘pancakes’ as they explored together. This was a lovely sensory opportunity as it involved lots of different smells, textures, and the use of fine and gross motor skills.

The group have also enjoyed exploring the woodland; hunting for the woodland elves and incorporating their hunt into story time in the woods.

This month, the children in Sunshine’s have been looking at and discussing what makes them unique using mirrors, puppets and sharing their feelings at circle time. Following on from this, they have created their own self-portraits to display in the room, showcasing their best features including their ‘big curly yellow hair’ and ‘beautiful big smile’! The group have also really enjoyed den making in their garden, using big bricks and the construction area planks and tyres.

Over in Preschool, the children have been showing a keen interest in the world around them and the globe they have in their room. They have been talking about where they live, the town they live in and the changes they have noticed in the environment during lockdown, as they participate in more walks with their families, with less people and traffic around. The group have also really enjoyed exploring healthy eating, noticing the vegetables in their meals at lunchtimes. Using vegetable peelers and child appropriate knives, the children have prepared their own salad stick and fruit snacks.

This month, the whole team have celebrated and covered Chinese New Year, the year of The Ox, through various messy play, maths and expressive arts activities. The children explored Chinese symbols on the reverse of English numbers, Chinese food (noodle, rice, and chopstick play), dressing up, and using finger symbols to create Chinese letters.

What’s coming up in March

In March, we will be participating in an array of activities, festivals and celebrations. From World Book Day, Mother’s Day and World Wildlife Day, to St David’s Day, St Patrick’s Day and Global Recycling Day. It is going to be a very busy month indeed. As Spring begins, the nursery will also be taking full advantage of the changes in the garden. We will extend World Wildlife Day for the week, to be in line with our Woodland learning.

Other important information

We would like to take this opportunity to mention how grateful we are for all parents and families for following and respecting the policies and procedures we have in place with regards to the current pandemic. We completely understand that this isn’t easy for anyone, and that it can be disconcerting having to drop your children at the gate. Please be assured that we are always on hand if you have any questions or queries and although parents are unable to enter the premises, we still proudly operate an open-door policy which at the moment extends to emails and telephone calls. Key workers are always available when on shift and are happy to assist your needs.

Summative assessments are in the process of being completed. This month it may take longer as we are piloting I-Connect (ParentZone) reports and assessments so please be patient. Your child’s key worker will update you when they are near completion. If your child hasn’t attended for more than a month, they will receive a report six weeks after their return date in order to give an accurate and fair assessment on their development.

I’d like to also thank you all for your kind words, gifts, and ongoing support and understanding. It really does lift staff morale and keep us smiling knowing our parents and families are happy – thank you!

Thank you for your continued support.

Frankie Brindle, Nursery Manager

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