Oct 28, 2020

Oxford October News: Chocolate, Space and Autumn

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October news

October has flown by as quickly as the leaves are beginning to drop from the trees! As always, we would like to welcome all our new families and we look forward to sharing your journey with you all.

We were delighted to welcome Tracy this month, our Nursery Cook for the next three months while Julie recovers from a back injury.

October has been a busy month in the nursery. In the baby room, the children have really enjoyed exploring chocolate in many ways during National Chocolate Week. As some of the children had never tried chocolate before, we wanted to make this a memorable experience. The children explored mark making in melted chocolate, decorated biscuits with melted chocolate and, of course, they tasted the different kinds of chocolate.

The babies have also really enjoying exploring outside in the rain; jumping in puddles and splashing in a tuff tray full of rainwater. We believe there is no such thing as bad weather and every day is a learning opportunity.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed seeing Flopsy back at nursery and she came into the baby room to see everyone. For some of our babies, it was their first time meeting her, so they got very excited when they saw her.  We have shown the children the sign language for rabbit.

During October, the toddlers have been very busy celebrating National Chocolate Week, World Space Week and they thoroughly enjoyed exploring all things Halloween. For Halloween, the children enjoyed exploring different coloured sensory gloves in the water tray and painting pumpkins. For Chocolate Week, the toddlers have been learning through taste, exploring all varieties of chocolate. It was a unanimous vote that milk chocolate was the best!! The children also made some yummy chocolate treats!

World Space Week was a massive hit in toddlers. They learnt the names of the planets and even went on an imaginative trip to the moon wearing their colander space helmets whilst reading the story ‘Whatever Next’. We also created a sensory space station for the children to explore, including different textured materials and pieces of technology, such as keyboards and phones for the children to explore.

The preschool children have been enjoying the theme Autumn throughout October. They have been observing the changes in the garden and all the leaves fallen from the trees. The children have been using different descriptive words to describe the leaves, such as crunchy and crispy. They have also been very busy using various physical skills to do leaf prints in clay and to make clay hedgehogs.

World Space Week was a very loved topic in preschool. The children learnt a very catchy song to help remember the planet names and they had a great time exploring in the space rocket they created using cardboard boxes, tin foil and various other materials.

What’s coming up in November

We are looking forward to celebrating fireworks night on the 5th November by creating various firework arts and crafts. We are also going to be doing sparklers in small groups in the garden in the evenings. We will also be making edible sparklers.

For Remembrance Day on the 11th of November, we would like all everyone to wear red and black to help commemorate Remembrance Day. We will also be having poppy cakes!

We will also be celebrating Diwali on the 13th November where we will be making Rangoli patterns and pictures, exploring lots of colours to celebrate the festival of light. We are also going to be exploring some Indian food home made by our chef, Tracy.

We will also be doing activities for Children in Need, so keep a look out for Eylog posts.

Other important information

We would like all children to bring in appropriate clothing for the colder weather as we do go outside in all weathers. If these could all be named please (all in ones, wellington boots, hats, scarves and gloves) that would be much appreciated.

Please note that term ends on the 18th December for term time only children and we close at 1pm on Christmas eve. We will reopen as usual on Monday the 4th January 2021.

We would also like to congratulate Rebecca Banas, our Preschool Room Leader, on being the Employee of the Month for October – well done!

Back in summer, we held a vote on our social media accounts for your favourite Old Station Nursery recipes. We counted up the votes and sent in our parents’ favourite main, dessert and snack for the cookery book which Nursery Management Today were putting together. 50% of the profits made from the sales of this cookery cook will go to NHS Charities Together to support our amazing health care workers. We are extremely pleased that the some of the recipes we submitted have been chosen to be in this cookbook. We have pre-ordered our cookbook which should arrive to nursery in December. If you wish to order a book or learn more, visit NMT’s website here.

If you have time, we would be very grateful if you could leave us a review on Daynurseries. You can do this online by clicking here. Thank you for your continued support.

Sarah Heatlie, Deputy Nursery Manager

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