Jun 23, 2021

Oxford June News: Bear Hunts, Oceans and Cupcakes

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We hope you were all able to enjoy the sunshine while it lasted, we are now back into wetsuits splashing in the rain again. You might see lots of new faces about as we have some new staff that have joined us this month, a very warm welcome to all of you!. Over the coming weeks you will get to meet the staff at drop off and handover time, and we will be adding Ey log posts to introduce them to each individual room too.

June news

This month our babies have been busy exploring outside splashing in the water, exploring the texture of sand and using their physical skills to ride on the scuttle bugs. We have been enjoying the nice weather while it lasted. The babies have been busy doing different arts and crafts for Father’s Day so the children can give these to the special men in their lives. We have also been exploring different sea creatures and learning the names of them, the children spent some time exploring different textures from hair gel to gloop imitating the ocean for World Ocean Day.

The toddlers have been focusing on their story of the month, which is “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”. They have enjoyed exploring different textures of materials in the story and talking about how the textures feel. They have also been reenacting the Bear Hunt outside in the garden and exploring a tuff tray of the story. We have been creating Father’s Day cards using the playdough cutters in paint to create various shaped marks.

In preschool the children have been enjoying spending lots of time out in the garden exploring planting different seeds. The children have also loved exploring in the mud kitchen cooking different things from soup and cherry pies to potions. They have also been busy making some delicious cupcakes for National Cupcake Day to take home. It has been extremely exciting in preschool as they have been learning a lot about life cycles as they watched their tadpoles turn into frogs. It was great fun watching them hop around! We also got to see our caterpillar’s full life cycle as they turned into butterflies, we got to all go outside and watch as they flew away, which the children found fascinating. Preschool have also been busy creating masterpieces to give to the men in their lives.

What’s coming up next month

Next month we are looking forward to celebrating Eid and doing different activities based around Eid. We plan to do lots of car-based activities as the British Grand Prix will be taking place. We will also be exploring friendships and talking with the children about friendships as well as making different things for each other and appreciating each other.

Other important information

As the weather is currently unpredictable could all families to leave a named sun hat at nursery and waterproofs as we do like to go out in all weathers.

Thank you for all your cooperation when your child is poorly and taking them for testing when they are displaying a Covid-19 symptom, this is really helping to keep the risk to a minimum.

Please make sure to drive slowly in the nursery car park to keep everyone safe.

Reminder term ends on July 16th – all term time only and funded sessions will then break until term resumes in September.

Thank you for all your continued support.

Sarah Heatlie, Deputy Manager


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