Oct 28, 2020

October News: Learning New Language, Creativity and Role Play

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October news

We have had a great October!

Through the children’s interests, we have enjoyed all things Dinosaurs! The children have been learning so much new language and words; some of you have been so surprised with the rich language that you have been hearing your children say, it’s wonderful to hear! 

The children have engaged in games with their friends, a firm favourite was pin the horn on the dinosaur! They have played ‘I spy’ which the younger children particularly enjoyed in the garden, finding all the hidden dinosaurs and then matching these with the printed pictures. The children have created and designed hats to wear with scales and horns using lots of different materials and media. 

The children have also explored textures of dinosaurs in a sensory bin; role played becoming dinosaurs themselves – flapping, flying, stomping, stretching and twisting; created and been to their own dinosaur museum; and become archaeologists and found dinosaur bones! 

The children have had such a good time and the learning opportunities have been huge.

What’s coming up in November

During November, we will all be getting involved with fun and celebrations around Fireworks and Bonfire night. This will give the children the perfect opportunity to also look further at elements of safety.  

We will be celebrating Children in Need on the 13th November, incorporating ideas and activities all week so everyone can get involved. There will be more news about this a little nearer the time. This will sit nicely within our theme of ‘People who Help Us’ throughout November .

Other important information

We have welcomed Alanna, Yvonne and Leah back to Small Friends following their lengthy time on furlough. It is so lovely to have them back with us, the children all remember them, and it feels a little bit more normal! 

Can I please remind all parents that it is important to let us know if your child will not be attending nursery for whatever reason. If you are going away and know you won’t be coming, an email in advance would be greatly appreciated. If your child is ill, or there is another reason they aren’t attending their session on the day, please call or email before 10am (before 2pm for an afternoon session). This is to ensure that I know who to expect and so that I know you and your child are ok! I will be making these calls as per our policies if you have not told me your child will not be attending and if they haven’t arrived, so I would encourage you to let me know first.

Because of the current situation we are in with Covid, we are doing all we possibly can to keep us all safe. Can I please ask you to ensure that your child has a cardigan or jumper with them to wear during the day (and a coat). During the day, we are keeping as many windows open as we can to allow good ventilation and free flow to the garden where possible to get as much fresh air as we can. We want to keep the children warm too so we need to strike a balance of warm clothes and open windows. Please label the clothes that you send your children into nursery with, it makes our job that little bit easier! 

For children who are funded with the 2, 3 and 4 year old funding, there will be another form to complete very soon which I will email you (let me know if you would rather a paper copy). These forms do need to be completed termly to ensure your circumstances haven’t changed. These forms are form the Spring term 2021, if you can get them back to me within a week of your receiving them, that would be great.

Our Christmas Closure dates this year are as follows: We will close at 6pm on Wednesday 23rd December 2020 and we will re-open again at 7.30am (for those booked on an early start) on the 4th January 2021. 

Back in summer, we held a vote on our social media accounts for your favourite Old Station Nursery recipes. We counted up the votes and sent in our parents’ favourite main, dessert and snack for the cookery book which Nursery Management Today were putting together. 50% of the profits made from the sales of this cookery cook will go to NHS Charities Together to support our amazing health care workers. We are extremely pleased that the some of the recipes we submitted have been chosen to be in this cookbook. We have pre-ordered our cookbook which should arrive to nursery in December. If you wish to order a book or learn more, visit NMT’s website here.

If you have time, we would be very grateful if you could leave us a review on Daynurseries. You can do this online by clicking here. Thank you for your continued support.

Kirsty Leech, Nursery Manager

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