May 27, 2021

Mottershead Drive May News: Messy Play, Forest School and Gardening

Mottershead May

Welcome to our May newsletter and what is soon to be June! We really hope this month brings some sunnier days and a warmer feel.  

As we welcome many new families to our setting this month, we really hope you find everything as you would expect, it is a pleasure having you as part of our Mottershead Drive family. Please do ask should you have any questions; we are always happy to help!  

May news

This month, the 0-2s group have participated in a range of stimulating activities. To develop the group’s interest in the popular song ‘Old McDonald’, the team recreated farms with a range of messy play and natural resources. This prompted lots of quality conversations and extended the children’s vocabulary.  

The children created their very own fruit kebabs with a variety of delicious fruits. This encouraged the children’s fine motor skills and enhanced their hand-eye coordination. This provocation is a fantastic way of promoting healthy eating and allowing children to experience new tastes and textures through play. The children explored their senses and developed their likes and dislikes whilst trialing the fruit they used. 

Sensory bottles were designed, created and used to support sensory exploration in a less messy way. The children discussed the colour, size and texture of the products used to fill the bottles. Once they were finished exploring, the children proudly displayed their bottles in the sensory room.  

Throughout May, the 2-4s group have created their very own vegetable patch. The children independently used spades to dig the soil and planted onions, parsnips and many more seeds. They discussed how they will encourage the vegetables to grow, with water and sunlight. The group are very excited to monitor the vegetable’s growth and hope to make some tasty soups with the end produce! 

The group have enjoyed Forest School this month where they carried out a bug hunt. The children used magnifying glasses to see the insects closer and excitedly discussed what they could see. This led to further discussions about other insects; where they live, what they hear and how they move, encouraging the children to look for more information in books.  

This month, the 2-4s  group have also been creating imaginative stories.  Story scribing is a fantastic way to motivate children and to get their stories written down on paper; make that link between spoken and written word; and to encourage creativity.  In small groups, the children shared their ideas and listened to each other creating wonderful stories about visits to the beach, fishing, sharks and seagulls eating their chips. Tracy set up a stimulating invitation to play using tuft trays with water, sea animals, pipettes, and fishing rods. The children were able to explore the items and extend their play.  

What’s coming up next month

We have another busy month ahead of us. The children will be celebrating  World Environment Day on the 5th June . To acknowledge this occasion, the children will be participating in a range of provocations that enhance their understanding of the environment and how they can take care of it.  

The children will also be participating in World Oceans Day on the 8th June . This event is organised by The Ocean Project to raise awareness of the oceans and the living creatures that make their home there. To recognise this at nursery, the staff will be promoting relevant conversations through books and ‘under the sea’ activities.  

It is  Father’s Day on the 20th June  and to celebrate this occasion, the children will be creating cards and gifts for the father figures in their lives. Also next month on the 21st June, it is Make Music Day. This day will be filled with singing, dancing, musical instruments and creating music in any way possible! 

Other important information

Thank you to the families who have recently left reviews on our Daynurseries or Facebook page. Mottershead Drive has received an impressive 30 reviews and they are extremelcomplimentary and are very much appreciated. Thank you so much for all your kind words. 

Emily sadly left Mottershead Drive this month and although we will miss her terribly, we wish her the best of luck with her new adventure. Emily has chosen to change her career and share her love with the older generation, working at a local care home. Emily was showered with kind messages and gifts and was incredibly grateful to all the families and staff members she worked with. 

Julia is currently working towards her Level 3 SENCO training. This is a fantastic opportunity and we wish her well completing this course.  

Many of you may have noticed painters and decorators have been busy repainting the nursery and completing jobs both inside and outside the setting. We look forward to our families being able to see the changes and spend more time within the nursery environment soon.  

Please note that half term is coming up from Monday 31st May to Friday 4th June 2021. The nursery will be closed to all children on Monday 31st May as it is a bank holiday.

I would like to remind everyone that Mottershead Drive has an open-door policy. Kelly, myself and the team are always here if you have any queries, concerns or if you are looking for some advice.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch.  

With lockdown restrictions beginning to ease, I hope you all enjoy spending lost time with family and friends. Please remember anyone can now access lateral flow tests in various ways. Stay safe!

Chloe Rosser, Deputy Nursery Manager

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