Jul 27, 2020

Iver July News: Outdoor play, gardening and singing

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July news

This month, in the 2-5 year old room, the children have been enjoying the warm weather by playing in the garden at every opportunity. They have especially enjoyed pretending to be firemen as well as creating their own bus to travel around the garden in. This has allowed the children to extend their knowledge about different occupations in the world around them.

The children are enjoying their visits to the park where they have been playing ball games and developing their physical skills by throwing, catching and kicking. They have also been experimenting with making their own goal posts with cones. 

Growing and planting plants has continued this month with the introduction of our indoor herb garden where the children have been taking lots of time over caring for their plants. They have been cutting the herbs in preparation for their lunch as well as commenting on how the herbs smell and how the herbs taste once they are cooked with food. 

The children have been developing their creativity in the natural world by selecting different leaves and sticks to create nature-based artwork. The children have been matching the sticks and leaves with the different trees which they can see in the garden. The children have also been very keen to learn about the bees and how they make their own honey. They have been reciting poetry about bees as well as singing songs all about bees. 

Music, movement and yoga have continued to be popular with the children, with the children learning the moves to lots of different songs – including the “cha-cha slide”! 

In the baby room this month, the children have been investigating how seeds produce food and herbs. The children have been exploring how the soil feels, what herbs smell and taste like, and the beautiful colours that the plants produce. 

The children have also been looking again at how they wash their hands and how to get rid of germs. This is an ongoing topic in nursery since reopening. They have been washing germs from gloves as well as washing dolls which encouraged the children to talk about different parts of the body as well as developing skills in role play. 

The children have also been using their creative skills to make and decorate car ramps and garages using cardboard boxes as well as painting beautiful bee pictures for the displays. The children have loved freestyle painting, with their own choices of colours and sponges. 

What’s coming up in August

As always, we are very proud of our little one’s achievements and would love to share their progress with you. Due to COVID-19, we are encouraging parents to arrange a phone consultation with your child’s key person to discuss your child’s development.  

We are also looking forward to many more visits to the local park, where the children can enjoy more ball games, explore different movements as well as experiencing different parts of the natural world.  

The children have been very interested in different occupations this month and we will be extending the children’s knowledge and experiences of different occupations throughout their play. 

Other important information

We are happy to welcome Keeley Divers as a new member of staff to the team. She is a Level 3 Qualified Practitioner and will join the babies alongside Amy.  

Staff members have engaged in in-house training focused on meal times as social occasions and supporting children to develop their own self-care skills. 

As you many be aware, we are listed on a nursery review site called Daynurseries. We would be very grateful if you would spare a few minutes to leave us a review. You can do this online, by clicking here. Thank you very much for your continued support.

Yamuna Jayasinghe, Nursery Manager

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