Feb 22, 2021

Iver February News: Creativity, Sensory Activities and Chinese New Year

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February news

A warm welcome to all our new families! It has been another wonderful month and we have been so pleased to see almost all of our children returning to nursery. As always, we would like to assure all our parents that we are maintaining necessary precautions and risk assessments due to the ongoing pandemic, whilst still providing excellent learning opportunities and care to all the children. We would like to thank you once again for your cooperation and understanding. 

This month, we have celebrated many different festivities, including Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day and Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day). These have all offered unique opportunities for the children to learn about different cultures and religions as well as engaging their brains in creative activities. 

The babies have been happily doing lots of arts and crafts as a way to maximise their sensorial and cognitive development. This has included making snowmen using cotton wool after observing the snow in the garden; messy play with flour; painting on different textures; and creating Valentine’s Day cards using paint and tissue paper for Mummies, Daddies and other special people. It is through sensory play that enables children’s cognitive development. The children have even enjoyed sensory walks this month, experiencing the different textures of bubble wrap, foil and grass beneath their bare feet. The practitioners have also been incorporating ‘big’ and ‘small’ into all aspects of the children’s play, such as when reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears. 

The 2-3s room has had a busy month of celebrations too. The children enjoyed reading all about Chinese New Year, especially the animals which is already a firm interest or theirs. After looking at pictures of Chinese New Year festivities, the children wanted to use bright yellow and red paint to make their own pieces of art and had lots of fun using paintbrushes, sticks and handprints to achieve this. They also created their very own card for their loved ones to show how much they loved them, using their handprint to create flowers and hearts.

The children enjoyed reading ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ to celebrate Valentine’s Day. As always, the children have loved reading storybooks and their favourite this month has been ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. The children then created a giant hungry caterpillar using paper plates and lots of paint. They counted out each of the foods the caterpillar ate in the story. This was a fantastic opportunity to combine art and mathematics which the children have definitely taken onboard as they are counting everything they observe now! The children had a chance to relive their learning by creating ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ scrapbook, with pictures that they created themselves and numbers to familiarise themselves with.  

The preschool room have been very keen learners this month. The practitioners have been continuing to focus on vowels with the children using fun games which the children have created themselves using recycled materials. This has been an exciting opportunity for both literacy development and to learn about the importance of re-purposing materials that would otherwise have been thrown away.

The children have been taking charge of their own yoga sessions by choosing four new poses; the Airplane, Bow, Bridge and Cat pose. The children thoroughly enjoy this peaceful time of the day. The pre-schoolers also celebrated Chinese New Year by reading and falling in love with the story ‘The Run Away Wok’ where they spotted Chinese fans in the illustrations and decided to make some. Chinese New Year lunch was very exciting for the children as they had a chance to use chopsticks to eat their lunch; it was wonderful to see them persevere and develop their fine motor skills. Poetry has also been one of their favourite activities in February, exploring poems about shapes and seasons throughout the month. 

What’s coming up in March

In March, we look forward to another month of learning events and celebrations. Please keep an eye out for notices so that you can join in with these celebrations. There’s much to look forward to, such as World Book Day, Mother’s Day and St Patrick’s Day. It looks like we will be having a very busy month indeed! 

Other important information

Thank you all for your continued support.

Yamuna Jayasinghe, Nursery Manager

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